An end? A beginning? Or just something different

No, on the heel of both Slurpees and Murder  and Conceit and Sociopathy moving on to bigger and better, I’m not so vain to think that if I closed the door here, I’d be missed in the least.

So, it’s not that. But I’ve been thinking (around this time of year as I always do) about actually doing something intentional for Lent. I’m not as inclined to give up a certain food or reduce my caloric intake given that I’m in training for a competition just after Easter. However, I think I may just try to rid myself of the crap. An information colonic as it may be.

So the plan is:

Aside from work, and essential ( i.e managing finances, doing work, etc) no more computer, no more TV, no more wasted time. An intention to be productive and thoughtful. Now, I will have my smartphone, so maybe I’ll blog progress on that, but that’s it. So if I’m not around, I’m probably sitting somewhere with my nose in a book doing some thinking.

And if that isn’t good enough news – It’s daylight savings time this weekend!

Hahahahahahaha – it’s minus thirty and we are talking about daylight savings time.