Is it too much to ask?

For a modicum of customer service?

I used to remember how nice it was when I received exceptional customer service. Now I get excited when I just get customer service, period.

Over the past month I’ve had to deal with the following:

  • A complaint with a business about a deceitful contract to the point of making complaints to Consumer and Corporate affairs and the Better Business bureau – I assumed I was being reasonable. I offered to pay a cancellation fee, even though the company had not incurred any expense related to the contract and would not incur any expenses if the contract was cancelled.
  • An issue with  a utility bill.I’m on communication #6. The issue? I’ve been trying to provide a corrected meter read so I can get a corrected bill. Still issues and they had the gall to charge a late fee even though I’ve bee trying for months to have them issue the corrected invoice.
  • Walking into a  casual, sit down restaurant at 9:30pm and being told “food service closes at 11”. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t take me 1 and a half hours to make up my mind on drinks and appetizers. Clearly the server didn’t want to serve anyone else that night.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sympathetic to customer service positions. I used to be in one. I generally tip quite well realizing the crap they put up with. Even the waitress yesterday got 15%.

No more.

I’m tired of poor service and I’m tired of having to fit for it. Something needs to be done.

So, give me good service and I’ll tip you. Give me exceptional service and I’ll tip you well. You’re a call center operator? I’m asking for your supervisor’s name and contact at the beginning of each call. Give me good service and I call them and tell them so. Give me bad service and the same applies.

I’m tired of the bad service.  It’s not much. Heck, maybe it’s not even the right answer, but it’s something and maybe this might affect a change. Who knows.