Qualification for a Finance Minister? Spin Doctor

Wow, 1st post in over 3 months!

Why? Because I was getting tired of writing negative posts about politics. I’ve tried, I’ve waited, but I give up. We have such terrible gov’t at all levels, I find it really, really difficult to point out anything good they do.

And if you know me, you know I am no fan of the NDP. While I respect the ideals of  the original party, I have no use for the lying, corrupt group of people who form the government on Broadway.

So, why a  post now?

I have some experience in the world of finance. So I was a little taken aback when the Premier named Jennifer Howard as finance minister. You see, Ms. Howard lacks any qualifications to be Finance Minister. In fact, there isn’t one NDP MLA who is remotely qualified to be Finance Minister. Depth, not breadth. If we needed  education ministers and 6 ministers of social services, we’d be set. So why Howard? Probably the same reason Erin Selby was named Health Minister. Spin Doctor.

We see it first hand in reports from today’s provincial finance ministers meeting. Here’s the article from the Winnipeg Free Press:


It seems for the first time in almost 15 years, the NDP has stopped blaming Gary Filmon for everything. Now it’s the federal government’s fault.

The long and the short of the story is that the Finance Minister is crying that the province will not receive enough transfer payments because census data was not completely collected.  The really  interesting quote isn’t from the Winnipeg Free Press, but rather the CBC report:


Here’s the quote:

“Those people exist. We have to provide health care and education to them though we aren’t getting recognized for them,” said Howard.

Now, clearly Howard is using this announcement to lay the groundwork for not being able to balance the budget as promised. But really, did anyone actually believe they could balance the budget? anyone? If you do, then I have a nice bridge…..

Anyway, read the articles above, and you’ll see that Howard is trying to insinuate that persons displaced by flooding were missed in the census counts. So, think back to the flooding in 2011 and recall who was displaced by flooding:

Lake St Martin First Nation is the name that comes immediately to mind. In fact, the majority of flood evacuees were first nations ( who, as you may know are STILL waiting for the province to resolve the housing/re-settlement issue).

Health care and education costs for first nations are a federal, not a provincial responsibility/cost.

And the number of evacuees didn’t come close to 18,000

Sooooo……..explain to me again:

How IF there was an error (Statscan claims there isn’t and has no plans to review the issue);

And if the costs for health and education for those individuals that were missed are covered by the federal government,

Does that translate into Manitoba being shorted equalization funding to pay for the health and education costs these individuals when Manitoba doesn’t pay for those costs in the first place?

Oh right in NDP Manitoba, the Finance Minister’s main duty is to be a spin doctor.

The health and education costs of the flood evacuees ( first nations) are not borne by the provincial government, but rather the federal government. So why is Howard saying that by being missed it will cost Manitoba transfer funding when Manitoba didn’t have to incur the costs in the first place? Because they have to start coming up with excuses now for when their economic forecasts fall woefully short. If you read the budget from the spring, you’ll realize pretty quickly that there are some really unrealistic forecasts in there ( see increase in gov’t run business revenue for one item) and it’s pretty clear that there will be shortfalls. Expect decreased hydro export sales to come up as another excuse.

Spin Doctor, plain and simple.

People wonder why I’m disgusted by our provincial government. The above is exactly why. They continually lie to and take the electorate for half brained idiots.

Manitobans are smarter than that. And I’m sure we’ll see evidence of that in 2015.




2 thoughts on “Qualification for a Finance Minister? Spin Doctor

  1. Manitoban’s and Winnipeger’s in particular have shown a remarkable tolerance to increased taxes, fees and bigger government. and politicians know this. Why, you ask?
    The answer calls for the frog in boiling water analogy. the frog never objects if the water starts lukewarm and ratchets up gradually. “Why complain for just one or two degrees?”
    For many people who have limited life experience with alternative jurisdictions, when evaluating the behaviour pattern of avaricious public officials, everything just seems normal.

  2. Yep! Normal! A half billion dollar deficit in the media today. Who is going to notice anyway? And if you do the “be charitable, its Christmas ” card will be played.

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