Ugh! Why do I read the comments?!?

So the latest from Nick martin, education reporter for the Winnipeg Free press is here:

I knew before reading the comments, how they would go. You see, everytime there is an article that has anything to do with teachers, the comments are always the same tired refrain, slagging teachers for having too many days off, making too much money, giving too much homework, not giving enough homework, disciplining their kids, not disciplining their kids and a whole host of other supposed grievances.

I wonder why the free press allows comments on and education related story. They constantly cut off comments on aboriginal based stories when they become unacceptable yet allow the disparaging of teachers to on unchecked.

And why do we as a society tolerate this? Whenever there is a story mentioning a lawyer, is the comment section rife with comments about lawyers making too much or taking too much time off? Of course not. When Dr’s are mentioned, are the comments towards them as full hatred? No. Yet for some reason, the free press ( and this city as a whole) seems to think it is acceptable to slag teachers at every opportunity. Why? Why do we stand for this?

Do they make too much money? Compared to who? Other public servants? Police Officers regularly take in more money. So do Doctors, Lawyers and pretty much most other university professions.

Is it because they have “too many holidays”? Do the math and start factoring in unpaid after school meetings, unpaid parent teacher interviews, unpaid report card preparation, unpaid extra curricular supervision, unpaid assignment marking and curriculum development, and you’ll see that’s hardly the case.

I could go on and spend this whole post rebutting the ludicris and completely inaccurate whining that goes on in the freep comment section, but lets just say that most of the comments are innaccurate and wrong ( notice that I didn’t say “I beleieve”, it’s not a matter of opinion).

It scares me to think people think this way. Shouldn’t there be value placed on those that are building the next generation? And yet it seems to be those of a social/religious/political/ethical class ( think US Tea Party), a class that most would say we can rise above that seem to be pushing this line.

You’ve heard or seen Josh Green’s position on taxes and education, and I totally echo that – I think it is important to compensate and provide a fair working environment for teachers because I want my children and their peers to receive the best education possible. I think most would agree.

So why do we stand for this constant slagging of teachers?


8 thoughts on “Ugh! Why do I read the comments?!?

  1. Hi, Brian, I run a blog of the week in the Winnipeg Free Press Sunday Xtra. Would you mind if I used one of yours? I’ll let you know in advance which one I want. I’m just deciding on one for this week. Please let me know, thanks.

    • The point is that the free press shuts down disparaging comments made about aboriginals, but lets disparaging comments regarding teachers appear unchecked. Both are distasteful and neither should be allowed. Why should non constructive comments regarding someone’s profession be allowed when clearly that’s not what the article is about?

  2. Plenty of comments on the WFP site are useless and distasteful. When you consider that it’s the same bunch of regulars commenting, the value of the comments is greatly diminished.

    These folks are sitting around all day bashing everything they see? Maybe they should be looking inward and see what is wrong with their own lives that they need to attempt such a worthless perversion as being a regular WFP commenter.

  3. The FP routinely runs more police hating articles than teachers, and will shut everything down once their prized pig Gord Sinclair is slagged for his idiotic writing style and grammar, not to mention baseless drivel.

    Most who make disparaging comments about jobs/professions without knowledge are just keyboard warriors who go online to get a reaction. Don’t give in.

  4. Thanks for this. The teacher slagging does get tiresome, and I wish people would have actually read the workload survey and Nick Martin’s follow ups and actually thought about whether what teachers are dealt is beneficial for students. For example, having over 30 students in high school classrooms…do you actually think I am able to teach your child effectively? Yes, I am well paid, and I do have good benefits, but that is not the point. Regardless of how well I am compensated, if you give me 30+ students in a classroom, compounded perhaps by special needs students and their educational assistants jamming up the space, I am not able to reach each student in the same way as if it were a reasonable size. Parents should be outraged at the decisions that are being made, without consultation of teachers, that affect their children every day. Yet, people choose to rage against my salary. It’s sad, really.

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