Happy New Year!!



Neither. It’s the end of August and not what we would normally consider a New Year. But I always feel that this is more of a New Year than the traditional January 1st. Perhaps January might be better described as ‘Another Year’ ( yes, I know it sounds depressing).

I don’t know how may others think the same way, but it always seems like fall is a more appropriate ‘New Year’ for me. It’s the start of a new school year, the start of fall sport and activities, a change in the weather for some of us. And for me a feeling of rejuvenation, a feeling of more focus, more planning, more changes, heck more resolutions.

I may be feeling it more this year as I am switching employers. But every employment change has also taken place around this time of year.

Anyone else see fall/September as a new beginning?




Because ‘I screwed up, and we all do it’ isn’t even possible

And politicians wonder why the public considers them to be the lowest of the low. How they make Jim ”The Hammer ‘ Shapiro look like a saint:

Well, if nothing else, here’s all the argument needed: Pamela Wallin’s Presser on her $140,000 of expenses:


Two things that I find really distasteful about this:

a) But Wallin, citing her desire to get back to her work representing the people of Saskatchewan, promised to pay back — with interest — any disallowed expenses “out of my own resources” once she is asked to do so.

Define resources. That seems especially vague. In fact I think that you could easily argue that Nigel Wright was one of Mike Duffy’s resources. Or that Brian Karam was one of Mac Harb’s ‘resources’. There is no reason to believe given Duffy and Karam’s actions that Wallin’s actions will be above-board. The only appropriate action is for wage garnishment with interest and fees.

b) “It is my view that this report is the result of a fundamentally flawed and unfair process,” she said.

The arrogance knows no bounds. Unfortunately, this isn’t limited to one party over another, but I guess we should all realize that Senator Wallin is much more versed in accounting and audit standards that professional auditors whose job it is to do this on a daily basis.

And at the end she says she wishes to remain in the Senate and pay back her expenses. of course she does, why would anyone want to get of the gilded train?

The audit is released to the public on Tuesday, it will be interesting to see what other misdeeds and ‘oversights’ the auditors found. But in the end it really boils down to one of two possibilities. Either Wallin is correct ( ha!) and the rules are so vague and her moral compass doesn’t give her enough guidance in which case she is too incompetent to sit in the Senate. Or more likely option ‘b’, that she got caught trying to fraudulently exploit loopholes in the senate expense policy in which case she should be charged and expelled from the senate.

It will be interesting how this plays out. Hopefully we’ll see an appropriate resolution.