Hey you in the truck….

Yes, you. The mid 20s kid driving the grey pickup truck under the perimeter bridge on Pembina around 7:35 am this morning.

Was it really necessary to yell at me because I was taking the full lane on my bike?

It’s a construction zone reduced to 40km and I was riding almost 35km. Do you shout at everyone else who moves 5km less than the speed limit?

Your behaviour is exactly why I take the full lane. I really don’t care anymore. I’m not bothered and it won’t change my riding habits. But hey, if it makes you feel like a man, helps you grow a penis, go right ahead.

I’ll just continue to ride the same way I always do: smiling, enjoying the fresh air, enjoying the fact I am on my bike instead of my car, taking in the sun and getting some great exercise. I’ll shake my head and pity you for your anger and rage.

You may want to try biking sometime, it may help you with that pent-up rage.


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