MSM Media – ” Our job is to inflame, not to educate!”

A story that is making the rounds right now is Prime Minister Harper’s reception of the Chinese Pandas as opposed to staying in Ottawa and receiving David Kawapit after his impressive 1,600 km march.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find one story where the media actually attempted to explain the way schedules of our senior elected officials work or how they get set. They all have people responsible for their schedules and these are often set quite far in advance. Having been in a couple of organizations dealing with elected officials, it was quite evident how far schedules were set in advance ( 6 months to a year).  I think the media has a responsibility to provide clear information and in this case they haven’t. I don’t think many people would agree that it would be a good idea to cancel a diplomatic photo op with a large trading partner that had probably been set for at least a year, in favour of meeting someone who had walked 1,600 km from since January and probably did not have a set date to arrive in Ottawa until a week before.

And I’ll ask the other question that nobody has seemed to ask: ” Did Kawapit or any of his organizers ask to meet with the PM? and if yes, was it made in a reasonable time frame ( i.e. not 2 days before)”

Another example of this is the $16 orange juice. There are several items in Bev Oda’s expenses to get upset about, but a $16 OJ just isn’t one of them!

WHAT! I’m defending that???

Because I know what hotels charge and I have seen the small print.

Let’s say one night you are thirsty and would like to order a glass of OJ from room service. Hmmm… $3 is what the room service menu says, that’s not too bad. I doubt anyone would get in a flap over that. However, read the small print and you end up paying a minimum room service charge of $8, then you pay $3 for delivery, plus taxes. So that $3 OJ, becomes $16 pretty quick.

It’s how hotels work. Don’t believe me ? look at a room service menu from the Westin. Hotels don’t make money on rooms, they make it on F & B

Canned pop  $4

Carafe of Coffee $12

Continental Breakfast $20.00

Cookie $2.50

Yeah, $16 seems excessive, but when all the hotels are doing it………

Now, her movement to another hotel and the limo ride from one to another…….That’s what they should be focusing on.