A Red Tory is what?

A screaming red tory – so what does that mean?

Is there such an animal, do they even exist anymore? I ‘m writing this post based on a Facebook post by a friend that has made me think about where my political leaning lie.

I won’t lie, I’ve voted conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green, National Party, Conservative, Libertarian (no, I`m not that old, that`s Federal and Provincial)

So what does it mean to be a Red Tory? Honestly, I don’t know anymore. I’d look at supporting a progressive conservative government, but how can I support this current government?

I’d get excited about a liberal leadership race in which Manley was present, but Garneau now appears to be my candidate of choice. But are my politics aligned with his?

How do I square that with provincial politics where the liberals are irrelevant? Do I head full on to the Green Party, Knowing that they realistically have no chance in either Federal or Provincial politics?

What’s a red tory to do?


2 thoughts on “A Red Tory is what?

  1. It is a legitimate question. In Manitoba the polarization of left and right along with the Provincial Liberals putting themselves on the endangered species, leaves a huge vacuum. Remember nature abhors a vacuum. You can see what Todd Dube is up to or you can look around and see what else is happening and jump in. Alternatively, you can always start your own party but you are right, there clearly are people looking for somewhere to go. .

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