A Red Tory is what?

A screaming red tory – so what does that mean?

Is there such an animal, do they even exist anymore? I ‘m writing this post based on a Facebook post by a friend that has made me think about where my political leaning lie.

I won’t lie, I’ve voted conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green, National Party, Conservative, Libertarian (no, I`m not that old, that`s Federal and Provincial)

So what does it mean to be a Red Tory? Honestly, I don’t know anymore. I’d look at supporting a progressive conservative government, but how can I support this current government?

I’d get excited about a liberal leadership race in which Manley was present, but Garneau now appears to be my candidate of choice. But are my politics aligned with his?

How do I square that with provincial politics where the liberals are irrelevant? Do I head full on to the Green Party, Knowing that they realistically have no chance in either Federal or Provincial politics?

What’s a red tory to do?