Gone gone gone, ya been gone so long………

Okay 10 points for anyone old enough to know

a) The Song the title of this blog comes from

b) The name of the band

c) Give me one of their infamous moments

It’s been 2 months since I have made a blog post and I really hadn’t been positing much before that. I don’t know why really….. Yes, I have been super busy with other stuff, but that’s nothing new.

I know I have been struggling with what to do with this….do I continue to bitch as most of my previous postings have been? Point out what I consider to be gov’t and societal flaws?

Or do I look at things in a different light? Use this blog to celebrate the positives of this city and our society? Point out the positives in the situations?

Honestly, I’m not sure which way I want to go. I’m tired of bitching. I’m tired of listening to other people bitch.

I find it difficult to blog on politics because I find less and less positive to post regarding politics.

So for the few readers out there, I’m still lurking out there, just trying to get my head around what I want to do with this.

Comments, suggestions are always welcome.