When a blog exits……

Does it make a sound? Is there a reaction?

Sometimes when local blogs disappear there is nothing. A few months or years later a faint recollection of what was.

Other times, the opposite is true. Walter Krawec has closed down his blog, One Man Committee ( it’s no longer up). Several other local bloggers have blogged on his decision to close up, and perhaps I’ll add my bit to that chorus.

As with others, I’m sorry to see the decision to put the blog on hiatus. I’ll admit, I’m lazy and I visited Walter’s blog on a daily basis to not only to read his insightful articles and also to peruse his blogroll.

But Walter’s blog had a little bit more of an effect on me than that. It’d made me think differently, about out city, development and what we want our city to be.

I travelled to Cincinnati in March, and while I wandered the downtown and wondered about the things  that Cincinnati has done to make their downtown successful and how we can emulate that in Winnipeg. Before reading Walter`s blog on a regular basis, I wouldn`t look at development in other cities with that level of interest. In fact, I have pictures and a blog post waiting to go up as soon as I can get off my lazy duff.

So a tip of my hat to you sir, and a thank you for opening my eyes and making me look at things differently. I hope you be back and contributing at some point in the future.