Slowing in the school zone

So, the province is going to amend the Highway Traffic act to allow for reduced speed in signed school zones.

It didn’t allow for this already?

In theory, I don’t think anyone would have an issue with this.

In practice, does anybody think this is anything except giving the city/prov (’cause prov gets a portion of ticket revenue) the opportunity to set up more speed traps? How much do you wanna bet that one of the first reduced speed zones ends up on Pembina by St. Maurice school ( private, entrance is not near pembina, no catchment area) or on St. Mary’s near Varennes ( entrance is on St. Anne’s.)

On a related note, the city is thinking of giving free parking to Veterans..

I don’t necessarily disagree with the idea, but find it puzzling for a few reasons:

When the city removed individual meters, they gave up substantial parking revenue since Winnipeggers have no idea how to park properly.

This would mean no parking revenue

And yet the city’s parking department wants to increase the time frames in which they charge for parking and the amount charged for parking.  

Oh right, those measures aren’t to increase revenue, they’re to increase turnover and parking availability.

Yeah, sure.





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