Slowing in the school zone

So, the province is going to amend the Highway Traffic act to allow for reduced speed in signed school zones.

It didn’t allow for this already?

In theory, I don’t think anyone would have an issue with this.

In practice, does anybody think this is anything except giving the city/prov (’cause prov gets a portion of ticket revenue) the opportunity to set up more speed traps? How much do you wanna bet that one of the first reduced speed zones ends up on Pembina by St. Maurice school ( private, entrance is not near pembina, no catchment area) or on St. Mary’s near Varennes ( entrance is on St. Anne’s.)

On a related note, the city is thinking of giving free parking to Veterans..

I don’t necessarily disagree with the idea, but find it puzzling for a few reasons:

When the city removed individual meters, they gave up substantial parking revenue since Winnipeggers have no idea how to park properly.

This would mean no parking revenue

And yet the city’s parking department wants to increase the time frames in which they charge for parking and the amount charged for parking.  

Oh right, those measures aren’t to increase revenue, they’re to increase turnover and parking availability.

Yeah, sure.





So Transit, is it Rapid?

So the new Rapid Transit system started this week. In some ways I was underwhelmed – two plus years to lay 3km of roadway? And where is the bike path that goes alongside? Sure there is one to Ft. Rouge station, but there is no reason why it could not have been extended the length of the route ( it didn’t need to be part of the tunnel, it could have crossed the tracks)

Anyway, I took it most of the week, and I’m impressed. Not so much by the additional speed – I think on most days there didn’t seem to be much of a lineup through confusion corner, but by the schedule and route changes.

Prior to RT, my bus (the 62 / 37) was the ONLY bus servicing south Winnipeg-Downtown route that did not stop anywhere in the block of Fort-Portage-Main-Graham. Instead, it was a hike to Citiplace, and actually Portage Place if I wanted a seat. Now, the bus stops in front of the Cargill building on Graham, so I’m now a block from Portage and Main – nice!

The other improvement comes form changing the timing of the buses on my route. I like the additional route 37 buses running in the am. However, the big plus is the addition of buses between 5:00 and 5:30 in the evening.Prior to RT, there was a 37 at 5:09 ( which meant leaving work early to hit that one) and then nothing till 5:30. Now there are 4 buses in that time between 5:00 and 5:30.

Improvements that could be made? Sure, add one more 37 outbound ( 5:03 is kinda tight), and fix the voice announcing the stops – I know that the street is called Jubilee, but listening to the stop, I’d swear it was pronounced ” Jew Boy”!!!