They Like me ! They really Like me!!

Well, not really. I don’t post anything profound or interesting enough to garner lots and lots of page views. But yesterday was my best day ever!

So I looked at the stats:

75% of the views came from Bulgaria. I’m not sure why people in Bulgaria are looking for images of “facepalm” via google images, or why they would end up here. I guess I better prepare for an influx of spam comments over the next few days?


The Moderation ( or lack thereof) of commentary

For those that follow various blogs, you’ll see differing levels of commentary and moderation of comments allowed. I personally believe that if you are posting your opinions (especially on things political) it does a disservice not to allow comments, and/or to moderate comments you don’t agree with. We learn and expand our horizons through debate and discussion. My personal rule on comments on my webpage is that as long as they are not clearly spam or totally unrelated, they will be allowed.

So why am I writing this? Well, I noticed a few months back that one blog I follow moderates comments, and has in past not posted comments I have made. Okay, their blog, they can do what they want. But on the other hand, this blogger has blogged several times on the importance of wikileaks and his support for Bradley Manning. An advocate of free speech and transparency, yet comments are moderated.

But what really made me post this was a posting from another blogger relating to comments I made on one of their blog postings.┬áThe interesting thing? I posted a response to that blog post and it wasn’t posted ( nor was a second comment on the original posting). Hmmmm…posting to attack and dish it, but can’t take posts rebutting your argument, huh?

Seems to me if you are blogging on politics or other highly charged discussion items and you allow comments on your posts you should have some moderation policies that are a little better than “rebuttal with facts not allowed”