Resolutions? No, but a word.

I’m a little late for the resolution thing. But that’s okay seeing as how resolutions always get broken anyway. I mean I could do the standard resolution thing “Go to the Gym more”, “Spend Less”, blah, blah, blah…

But this year I’m thinking something a little more all-encompassing; something that transcends one or two resolutions. Perhaps a word to describe how I should, nay intend to live my life this year.

That word is Productive.

As in being more productive in every sense of the word.

Financially – well, making more money is always more productive, but I am going to consider myself more financially productive if I make better choices with respect to money. Notice I didn’t say spend less, because it’s not about efficiencies (although that’s definitely a part of it), but more about spending wiser.

Physically – I’m probably one of the fittest people I know my age. However, I still think I skip too many lunch hour workouts and too many training sessions for my sport. I have an out of province tournament coming up at the end of March, so in order to be productive, I better be training as much as I can.

Professionally – This doesn’t mean working like a madman. It means setting realistic goals and walking out of work each day knowing that I’ve accomplished at least as much as I wanted to accomplish that day if not more.

Spiritually – Well, I guess any improvement there would be more productive than last year  😉

Overall – spending time doing stuff that matters. If not now, then it will matter in the future. Of course I’m not going to forget to relax and take time. But the 4hr COD sessions? Don’t think we’ll be seeing any more of those for a while.

We’ll see how it goes. I’ll update infrequently to report how productive I have been.


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