Resolutions? No, but a word.

I’m a little late for the resolution thing. But that’s okay seeing as how resolutions always get broken anyway. I mean I could do the standard resolution thing “Go to the Gym more”, “Spend Less”, blah, blah, blah…

But this year I’m thinking something a little more all-encompassing; something that transcends one or two resolutions. Perhaps a word to describe how I should, nay intend to live my life this year.

That word is Productive.

As in being more productive in every sense of the word.

Financially – well, making more money is always more productive, but I am going to consider myself more financially productive if I make better choices with respect to money. Notice I didn’t say spend less, because it’s not about efficiencies (although that’s definitely a part of it), but more about spending wiser.

Physically – I’m probably one of the fittest people I know my age. However, I still think I skip too many lunch hour workouts and too many training sessions for my sport. I have an out of province tournament coming up at the end of March, so in order to be productive, I better be training as much as I can.

Professionally – This doesn’t mean working like a madman. It means setting realistic goals and walking out of work each day knowing that I’ve accomplished at least as much as I wanted to accomplish that day if not more.

Spiritually – Well, I guess any improvement there would be more productive than last year  😉

Overall – spending time doing stuff that matters. If not now, then it will matter in the future. Of course I’m not going to forget to relax and take time. But the 4hr COD sessions? Don’t think we’ll be seeing any more of those for a while.

We’ll see how it goes. I’ll update infrequently to report how productive I have been.


Development on Portage Ave / Randoms


( Credit Winnipeg Downtown places for the Picture)

As I was walking to work this morning I noticed a sign on Peace Hills Trust indicating that they will be moving to Grant Park Festival. For those that don’t know, Grant park Festival is the mall located at Taylor and Nathanial ( Dollarama / Sobey’s / Boston Pizza). What makes this interesting is the notice on the empty space next door (240 Portage ave – the space with the DTZ sign on it). That notice is an application to turn the property into muti resident facility ( Condos?), I guess that might have something to do with the new coat of bright white interior paint in the hallways at the other end of the building.

Along with the Avenue Building condos, looks like a lot of residents will be springing up within a couple of blocks of Portage and Main if this goes through. Which brings up a topic that quite often rears its head. What does the downtown do for groceries ( and gasoline for that matter)? Now add the Fairmont into the mix. That’s a significant amount of permanent / transient residential. We had business contacts staying in the Fairmont for three weeks in the fall, and the question I couldn’t ask was where do you go at 9pm in the areas for munchies ( convenience store) or food (grocery store). So I think there going to be a lot more pressure int he near future for a small grocery / convenience store within walking distance of Portage and Main.


A few random thoughts:

Really? That’s just a very slow news day or Brodbeck has identified every other “innappropriate” of city dollars over $200

  • To continue the bitching, they are also pissed about Ross Eadie donating $3000 of his travel budget for bus tickets. Now I’m not a big Ross Eadie fan, but a) it’s his budget, and b)it goes to transportation. Of note is the fact that Eadie takes the bus to City Hall (and I think he is the only one), not taxis like Harvey Smith or cars like the majority of councillors. Now, this does need to be approved by council – and I hope they approve it. If I was Eadie and they didn’t? I’d start taking cabs – that’s a lot more expensive than his bus passes and the donations ( and well within his perogative as to how to spend his budget) How do you like them apples, Colin Craig?


  • I can think of few more appropriate responses to the above than the video below:


  • Why are the lights at Pembina beside Pembina Chrysler operational? Those went in as part of Rapid Transit. That doesn’t go online till April, and in the meantime, it just causes much congestion
  • With headlines like these, it’s no wonder people look at Winnipeg as Canada’s Detroit.  Shot in the eye, but that can of Minhas Creek, was just too appealing. Sheesh!
  • Here’s a question for the ladies – when you go to the gym, do you spread your gym bag and stuff all over the benches so nobody can sit, or is this just a guy thing? On that I used to belong to a small downtown gym. Quite often there was nobody in it. One day, I’m the only one in the locker room, I’m using the sink, my locker is open and I have a chair in front of it. A guy comes in, and does he take one of the six stacked chairs beside the lockers? Nope – grabs the one in front of my locker. WTF?
  • City of Winnipeg – fix the 62 and 37 bus routes. These are the only routes that go to south Winnipeg that don’t stop within a block of Portage and Main – why?

“My journalist friend put it perfectly: The Winnipeg Sun is not a real newspaper but unlike the Winnipeg Free Press it does not pretend to be a real newspaper.

The sad part is that it is getting worse.”

  • That’s it for now.