Might as well chime in on the transit increase…

So a $0.25 increase this year

Still cheaper than driving downtown. Last I figured it, it cost me $15 just in gas and parking to drive, vs current price of $4.20 for the bus.

I don’t really mind this, as long as this goes towards rapid transit vs the “black hole of general revenue”

Swandel has a point – shit or get off the pot. And it puts pressure on the Province to put up or shut up, since they have been conveniently been pointing fingers at the city for not completing the route. Of course the province’s response was that it was premature to increase the rates.

Councillor Gerbasi went on record decrying the lack of consultation and not consulting with  transit. News flash, this is to build a reserve for capital improvements, they don’t have to consult with transit, it’s not to cover operational expenses.

Overall, I have no problems with this as long as the money goes where it is supposed to. I mean you could argue that everyone should pay for RT (property taxes), since it indirectly benefits everyone. But I’d also like to see it done before I’m in a nursing home.


3 thoughts on “Might as well chime in on the transit increase…

  1. With all due respect, I like you, but I’ve gotta be blunt: this is the most thoughtless opinion you’ve ever posted. You’re letting your view of the partisan personalities on Council color your view of the outcome of what Council’s doing. Sorry! But it’s true…

    Passing a random fare increase without even knowing how much it will raise – as they clearly didn’t when it was proposed – or whether it will finance the intended project isn’t “shitting or getting off the pot.” And as for decisiveness, let’s not forget, most of these councillors voted to go to LRT just over a year ago. What’s changed this week? Who’s to say the plan won’t change again?

    This kind of on the fly financing is institutionalizing the same sort of carelessness that has us raiding the water utility after years of pleading that rates were too high; raiding the permit reserve after years of building it up from industry to improve service, and raiding frontage levies because that’s not really – *cough* not really an increase in property taxes.

    And as you yourself note, you’re ok as long as it doesn’t go to the black hole. Well, if it wasn’t going to go to the black hole, then it’s not too much to ask Council to spend some time, do its job and word the amendment in such a way as to (a) assess its impact and (b) confirm where’s it’s going BY LAW, not just by inference. How do we know this capital funding won’t be traded out for something else? It’s been done before.

    Fiscal responsibility is a concept with two words, not just one. One cannot be “fiscally conservative” and yet financially irresponsible at the same time, not in the long term.

    Change your mind. 😉

    • You may be right, I may be too enamored by the fact the city is actually showing some vision and balls.

      Global reported the increase would raise enough in 4 years to cover the city’s portion of the phase two costs.

      This city has had a bad, bad habit of debating major expenditures and significant policy changes until they just shrivel up and die. Remember Katz’s first go-round with RT? PUFS? The first attempts at a proper recycling program?

      I’m tired of the finger pointing between city and province. It’s gonna have to be funded somehow? This or a property tax increase? Either way I’m paying it.

      There is a chance here, and granted it’s a slim chance, that this will work out, it will prompt the province to act and it will raise the funds needed to allow us to complete phase 2. I’m hopeful for that.

      And yes, I’ll admit it’s probably more likely this is a ploy by council to wrest more funding out of the province or that this ends up in gen revenue. And given that transit put a feeder bus on the 37 route at 5pm, I’m not to confident in transit right now either.

      I guess you can say I’m hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

  2. I’d rather that they either go big, or just drop it.

    Our vision of “Rapid Transit” is still small potatoes, and not going to make much a of a difference. Either go all out on a serious rail transit service that take our climate into account, or keep our transit as minimal as possible. It’s that middle ground that’s a money pit that won’t even give us something what we can point to that the money was spent on.

    New York City’s population was not much bigger than ours when they built their subway. If they had our governments, it probably would never have been built.

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