Are cabinet Ministers picked by throwing darts at a dartboard?

It’s no secret that I think that elected representatives should at least know how to comb their hair, button their collars and tie a tie. Dave Chomiak has been failing at this since he was elected. Case in point? Here is a picture of Chomiak taken at a federal funding announcement in 2009:

Besides that, you’re pants are too long and your shoes need a shine. If you can’t wear a tie properly, don’t wear them!

But, this post is about Premier Selinger’s ‘Acting’ Finance Minister and Conservation Minister. Selinger appointed Stan Struthers as Acting Finance Minster to add to his title of Agriculture Minister, and Chomiak as Acting Conservation Minister as well as Minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro to go with his Minister of Innovation, Energy and Mines portfolio.

I have a few issues with these appointments:


First, I believe that both Agriculture and Finance are important enough portfolios to warrant a full minister as opposed to having one person deal with both them.

Second, I’m not sure how a career as a teacher qualifies him to be either Agriculture or Finance minister, but I guess when you only have teachers or social workers to choose from…


Let’s just ignore the fact the guy can’t dress himself for a moment.

Wasn’t he relieved of more senior cabinet positions because he was burnt out? Rumor had it he may have been suffering from some mental illness issues. So why increase his cabinet load?

I can kind of understand mating Hydro with Energy, Innovation and Mines.

But Conservation?

Look at the Ministerial list. There is another minister whose portfolio screams to take on conservation.


Why wasn’t Christine Melnick named Acting Conservation Minister? Her portfolio dovetails perfectly with Conservation. In fact an argument could be made that Hydro could mate with Water Stewardship as well.

So why Chomiak? That decision doesn’t make any sense to me when it seems crystal clear that it should be Christine Melnick

Or lets say Selinger doesn’t like Melnick. How about Altemeyer, he’s got a Masters in Natural Resource Management.

But Chomiak?

Any answers?


2 thoughts on “Are cabinet Ministers picked by throwing darts at a dartboard?

  1. there is no way that Greg Selinger would want a qualified minister in place. such could lead to competence.
    conservation is a complete disgrace.

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