A couple of quick random thoughts….


We all know that Winnipeg drivers are crap.

I’ve noticed a couple of creatures lately that make me laugh though.

The twitchy slow guy

The guy that comes up to stop line and ya swear he is going to blow it. Instead he slams on his brakes and creeps into the intersection so that by the time the light turns green, he is halfway into the intersection.  As soon as the light goes green, he hammers it to go ………30 km/hr below the speed limit.


You’ve all seen this one. Especially prevalent in places like Northbound Pembina near Jubilee (Where one lane exits). These aren’t the guys that blast down the lane that goes out and then cut back into traffic. Nope, these are the guys that are right behind you in bumper to bumper traffic and then pull out into the lane that exits. But instead of blowing past a whole row of cars, they only pass you. And then sometimes they do it to the next car too. Dude, If you’re in a hurry, pass everyone. If not, then really, what’s passing two cars going to accomplish?

Ross Eadie:

Remember after the civic election, I chided residents of Mynarski for electing this clown?


Yeah, well your embarrassment is at it again:


This is why people in the rest of the city point and laugh. There is NO correlation between assessed property value and the amount of garbage produced. In fact, if you examine the amount of garbage produced per capita, I think you’d find pretty quickly that the amount of garbage produced is inversely proportional to the assessed value of a person’s dwelling. Low income earners are less likely to compost or recycle because a) the facilities aren’t there b) they don’t have the time c) They don’t have the ability or financial means to make trips to Brady Road for large items.

This is a joke. Nothing more than Eadie wanting to tax the ‘rich’. Yet you also can’t correlate property values directly with earnings. My house has an assessed value higher than most on my street. Yet we compost and recycle and my family of four produces much less garbage than most houses on my street.

Ross Eadie, you’re an embarrassment. And residents of Mynarski should be embarrassed to have you as their councilor.


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