Matt Wiebe for Finance Minister?

So the speculation from Dan Lett and Mary Agnes Welch from the Free Press is who will be named finance minister in Selinger’s government.They are speculating on Theresa Oswald. Of course we would all agree that a teacher would be the most qualified, right?

So I looked at the NDP’s website and a few ( very few ) names came up

Matt Wiebe has an Economics degree. I guess that could be considered qualified. But then again Selinger has an economics degree and he has no clue about accounting or proper financial reporting.

Flor Marcelino? She’s a business owner

Bidhu Jha? He’s owned a business

But that’s as close as you get. Accountants? Nope. CEOs? Nope.

But he’s got lots and lots to choose from for education minister. About half the MLAs are teachers.

It’s probably not just a NDP thing, but why wouldn’t you get credible candidates that have some experience in each of the cabinet areas? I’m thinking Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Accountant,Social Worker, police officer, etc.

But with all the teachers, union leaders, social workers in the ranks of NDP MLAs did they think about that? Or is being nominated for political office just payback for union involvement?


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