So who won?

Well, in memory of Jack Layton and his message of hope and optimism, the provincial NDP conducted a campaign of sleaze, misinformation and lies. So much for Jack’s memory.

But did they win? Well, in number of seats and another majority , yes.

But what did we have to choose from?

An NDP campaign of lies and electoral disdain, vs. a conservative campaign of pandering and trying to be the NDP.

I could suggest that because the NDP didn’t get 50% of the popular vote, the provincial gov’t is illegitimate. But unlike those on the left that made that cry when the federal conservatives won, I won’t make that argument. I didn’t believe it then, I don’t now. That’s how our system works.

But aside from number of seats, who really won? I don’t know.

Democracy suffered in this election. Voter turnout was low; there are several responsibilities that come with the ability to vote. First and foremost is exercising that right. One responsibility that I think is almost as important is to be an informed voter. This campaign of lies and slander  is an affront to this responsibility and I believe it could be argued that it was an attempt to undermine democracy.

Did we also have a clear, credible choice? If , as many suggested, it was a two party race, then what were the differentiations? Bipole? Anything else?

I’m not sure who won, but I know who lost.

Manitobans lost in this election. No clear vision presented in this campaign on anything ( unless hiring thousands of nurses can be considered vision). No credible alternative.

We have four years. Four years for someone to step forward and provide a clear, credible vision. Four years for someone to develop positive alternatives. Four years to develop a roadmap to bring us to a have province. Four years to develop a plan to address issues like crime and poverty.

Let’s just hope someone steps forward to do it.


2 thoughts on “So who won?

  1. It’s weird that the PCs were so completely caught off guard by pretty much the same set of tactics that their federal cousins used successfully against the Liberals last spring. Seems that assassinating the opposition leader’s character is a surefire way for a sitting government to remain in office.

    I have a feeling that the NDP was *this* close to using a tagline like “McFadyen: He’s Not In It For You”.

  2. I found the NDP ads much more distasteful than the ads the Conservatives ran federally ( although both are garbage). At least the Conservative ads used video of Ignatieff. The NDP ads said something and then quoted a reference that did not support the ad.

    I think the PCs may have been more successful if they addressed the ads head on and showed them as the lies they were.

    In a twisted way I was looking to see how far the NDP would go with these. I was half expecting “Mcfadyen: He’ll murder your children and ass rape your wife”

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