Oh, about that UNESCO designation…..

You know, the one that will be destroyed if BiopoleIII is built down the east side of the lake?

Yeah that one. The one that you keep telling us we are at risk of losing UNESCO application, even though you have never consulted with UNESCO, and the former head of UNESCO stated that the line wouldn’t automatically disqualify the area?

Got some bad news for you West Side boosters ( you know, even at the Bomber games, everyone knows West Side Sucks!)


What’s that? The list of UNESCO world heritage sites? How could that be bad news?

Well, with the exception of Nahinni  and the Kluane / Wrangell-St Elias / Glacier Bay / Tatshenshini-Alsek sites, most are in relative close proximity to highways, roads, power lines.

But that’s not what’s the worst news for you guys.


That’s right, Canada’s most popular international tourist attraction sits smack dab in the middle of a UNESCO world heritage site. So the town of Banff, the Trans Canada highway, the power lines, infrastructure, ski resorts, etc. haven’t caused the loss of the UNESCO designation. But for some strange reason, you think the relatively small intrusion of the Bipole line will?

Oh, and if you think Banff is the exception, you may want to look further down the list to United States. That’s right, the most popular international tourist attraction in the US is a UNESCO site.

Grand Canyon.

And we’re supposed to be concerned that the Bipole line will endanger the UNESCO bid?


3 thoughts on “Oh, about that UNESCO designation…..

  1. UNESCO designation means zip.

    But voters and non voters don’t really care what a Bipole line is let alone where its goinbg to built and what it does. As long as the lights turn on when you hit the switch, alls good.

  2. Does the province even have a long term energy policy and strategy? And is the search for alternative energy sources hampered by having your energy corp. called “Manitoba Hydro” ( Kinda like “Alberta Oil” if you ask me)?

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