Gawd, this is starting to get pathetic. Witness the NDP’s new ad:


You know what it reminds me of?

The Simpsons Homerpalooza episode. Where Homer wanders into a crowd of kids and they start yelling and pointing at him:

“NARC, NARC, He’s a NARC! Don’t Practice your hate crimes here NARC!!” **

And even more disgusting? Greg Selinger on CJOB this morning was asked about the negative ads they are running. His response?

I think we are running a positive campaign. We have been attacked over and over at every opportunity. And we have responded in an accurate and ethical manner.




What disregard and contempt you show for the electorate!! Or do you live in a reality that is markedly different from the majority of people. Your campaign can’t be considered to come close to any of the three.

And the sad thing is that it seems like a lot of Manitobans are making their decision based on the campaign of lies and misinformation.


**yes, I’m aware I know too many Simpsons references!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “PRIVATIZER!!!!

  1. Seems like a pretty accurate ad. I think Hugh is the one everyone should be pointing at, while shouting “Narc!” & “Hate Crime!”. Can I look you up later if Hugh does sell Man. Hydro? I will pee in your ear.

    • I guess it all depends on what your definition of accurate is. McFayden didn’t become Filmon’s principal secretary (Chief of Staff) until 1998. MTS was privatized in 1996. During that time he was a policy advisor. As for Ontario, he worked for a consulting firm. I don’t know what they did there, in terms of who they worked for and what work they did, but it’s clearly not relevant to anything here. As an employee of the consulting firm I would expect him to work on whatever files the company was working on.

      So while the NDP like to paint him and this big boogyman of Privatization, he did not have much ( if any) influence over the MTS privatization, and as an employee of a consulting firm, any work done on files relating to Ontario Hydro is irrelevant.

      So much for accuracy.

      In fact, the NDP has actually weakened the legislation prohibiting Manitoba Hydro from being privatized since they have been in power. Add to that the fact that a referendum is required before Hydro can be privatized and that senior NDP campaign workers have admitted they don’t believe for one instance that McFayden would ever privatize Hydro, and you can see this is nothing but lies and fear mongering.
      But then again given the tone of your response, I’d b shocked and surprised if you had done anything to confirm any of the NDP’s accusations. I guess it’s better to be blissfully ignorant when you’re wearing orange coloured glasses.

      And if the conservatives get elected and Hydro doesn’t get sold, I guess I get to piss in your ear, huh?

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