So I voted….

I went down to the conveniently located returning office ( a 10 min walk from my house) and voted. I`m going to be out of town on the 4th and had to hit the advance polls.

And going into the returning office, I still wasn`t 100% sure who I was going to vote for and why. But I made up my mind and marked an `X`beside a candidate`s name.

Probably as no surprise to anyone who knows me I didn`t vote for the NDP candidate. However, my reasons for not voting for this candidate may surprise many.

I don`t agree with many of their polices and campaign promises. But that`s not why I didn`t vote for them. I didn`t vote for them for the same reason I didn`t vote for the Conservative party in the last federal election. I don`t like the low road they have taken in this campaign and especially the outright lies they are propagating in their attack ads. In fact, I think these are much  more distasteful than the ads the Conservatives ran against Ignatieff. in those ads, at least the Conservatives used video clips of Ignatieff. In this current crop of ads, the NDP uses statements supposedly backed up by official record. But when you check the source the quote, you see what they are saying clearly isn`t supported by the official record. I`ve already pointed it out:

Crocus? Lies.

Can’t refund $60 million in incorrectly issued photo radar tickets because people ‘pled guilty’? Lies

Roving photo radar vans are to increase safety in construction and school zones? Lies

Bipole can’t go east because it will harm UNESCO bid? Lies

Never mind all the lies about Hydro privatization

And what bothers  me the most is how blatant they are about it. Like they expect us to believe it hook line and sinker.

A party that has such little regard for the electorate will NEVER get my vote.

So who did I vote for?

That was the hard question. Do I vote for the candidate or do I vote for the party? Well, the majority of the time I vote either red or blue. So I look at it this way – If I vote for the candidate, then I vote Liberal. However, I also don’t see him winning the riding. So then I ask, what is more important to me?

If it’s my disgust at parties that outright lie to the electorate  and can’t say anything positive about their record, then I need to vote for the party that is their strongest opponent.

If it’s voting for the candidate whose I feel will make the best representative, who I have seen more in the community than anyone else, whose party’s platform in this election seems to make the most sense, then I vote for the individual.


Not that it really matters much anyway. Most of the health care promises are going to be done regardless of who is elected, and there isn’t much differentiating the three parties anyway ( although expanded Sunday shopping would be nice)

But whatever you do, get out and vote!


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