It should be easy……

If you`re Hugh McFadyen, to have a 20 point lead over the NDP at this point in time. Granted, the NDP does have their cheerleaders in print (I`m looking at you Dan Lett and Mary Agnes Welch), but come on – it would be so easy for you to be 20 point up right now.

The NDP campaign is built almost entirely on fear mongering.

`The Conservatives will sell Manitoba Hydro`

That`s almost the easiest to retort! Try this response.

`Greg Selinger and the NDP have gone on for months about how they are convinced that I will privatize Manitoba Hydro. In fact, the law prevents the sale of Manitoba Hydro without public approval in a referendum.  If you can`t trust Greg Selinger to tell you the truth, how can you trust him to be premier?`

The next one

`Hugh Mc Fadyen will cancel wastewater treatment upgrades`

How about this for a comeback?

`The NDP is so concerned about these treatment upgrades that they have cancelled the upgrades themselves and obviously agree with the Conservative plan.`

The Biggy:

`Pursuing an East side route for Bipole 3 will jeopardize UNESCO designation, cancel sales contracts and cause legal problems with first nations`

 Never mind that the reason against have been trotted out again and again

`Greg Selinger and the NDP make claims that an east side bi-pole will jeopardize a UNESCO designation and cancel export sales contracts. In fact they have never spoken to UNESCO and the former head of the organization has indicated that it will not jeopardize that designation. Export sales call for green energy. If they cancel these contracts, their alternative is coal power, hardly a green energy source. And not only are several first nations on the east side of lake Winnipeg in favour of the east side route, it can be built with only traversing one first nation. Again, if you can`t trust Greg Selinger to tell you the truth, how can you trust him to be premier?`

There`s some sound bites that could be used in commercials. You can easily make one from my last blog post too. Some might say they are negative ads, but how can correcting lies be considered negative?

Instead what do we get? Boutique tax credits and extended period of deficits and a spending promises that rival the NDP’s.

This election could be in the bag for you, but instead it appears you have a NDP mole working to sabotage your campaign.

You know, that Liberal party is starting to look pretty good……..


5 thoughts on “It should be easy……

  1. ^^^^ This ^^^^

    I’m no Conservative fan, but I came in to this election with an open mind and an undecided vote. Having a real platform would win them the whole province and instead we get useless tax changes and a helicopter flying around with Hugh’s face.

    Jon Gerrard was easy to talk to, knowledgeable and so far hasn’t done anything to make me roll my eyes. Admittedly he wasn’t above some fear mongering about privatizing Hydro.

  2. The Canadian Wheat Board has been in the news a lot lately. The current law says that they can’t remove the monopoly on wheat or barley without farmers’ approval first via a referendum. The Conservative government instead says they’re just going to change that law, so that no referendum is needed (I think?).

    So… couldn’t the same thing happen here with MB Hydro? Couldn’t the Conservatives simply change the law so that manitobans don’t get a choice, just like they’re going to with the CWB one?

    • In theory yes. But the federal conservatives have targeted the CWB for several years now, it’s not been a new revalation. They have also said they had always planned to offer farmers the choice.

      The provincial conservatives have stated over and over again they would not sell Hydro. In this case I think it would take much longer to effect that by legislative change than one term. They’s have to draft legislation , I’m sure the opposition would take every opportunity possible to delay it and then it would likely face court challenges. By that time another election would roll around, and since it would be political suicide to privatize Hydro after professing they wouldn’t, they’d likely be defeated.

      • Okay, but I’m not sure how that relates to this post. CBC is a little off though, the polls usually show that about 60% of wheat farmers want it to remain as is. The ratio isn’t as high with barley farmers though.

        Anyway, I think the use of the CWB issue in earlier posts was to compare the proposed monopoly ending of the CWB vs. hydro privatization. Point is they are two completely different issues and one can’t be used as a example for the other.

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