The shit that rattles around in my mind……

Random shit that rattles around in my mind:

  • Remember in the ’80s/’90s, everyone called the Mazda Miata a girl’s car? Guys weren’t supposed to be seen driving them ( even though they had some balls)? Well, I’ve figured out the current ‘girl’s car’: Nissan Altima Coupe. Have yet to see a male driving one.
  • Driving to work today I passed 4-5 cars with asian couples in them. Not a word of a lie, every one was male driving and female asleep(catatonic/coma/corpse) in passenger seat. What the hell?
  • Okay, Manitoba Hydro has an ad on bus benches/bus shelters about their low income programs. The individual in the ad is asian with glasses ( and you think I can find a picture of it on the web? No way! guess I need to snap a picture tomorrow to post), you know what one I am talking about  it has been up for 3 months or so. Anyway, I noticed the earrings the person in the ad was wearing last week. Until then I had no idea if the individual in the ad was male or female. Seriously. No clue whatsoever.
  • Asshole cyclist riding north on Donald yesterday during rush hour weaving between lanes of traffic, the next time you try that you’re getting my door. Then a punch in the head. And I’m a cyclist who rides that route often.
  • If you take the elevator for one floor in the 17 floor building, as soon as you step into the elevator you should be saying ‘look at me, I’m the laziest fuck you’ll see today’
  • the most hated city of Winnipeg employee? City Assessor? Nope. Mayor? Nope. Photo Radar operator? Nope. The Douchebag in charge of traffic light placement and timing. That person seriously gets paid commission based on how many new traffic lights get installed.
  • Why is it that most of the Winnipeggers I see downtown don’t have any desire to dress well or make themselves  look good to go outside? Too many people working at Portage and Main wear Jeans and or sweatpants way, way too often.
  • Getting your car towed sucks. But if they give me the option to pay outstanding tickets at 40% of the amount of the ticket when I pick up the car, does that mean if I only send in 40% of the ticket value each time I get a ticket does that mean I’m paid up?
  • Why are there no healthy fast food places?
  • Women who go to the gym and work out are hot.