Again with the censorship…

A while back I posted about the freep disallowing comments on David Harper’s trip to see the pope:

Now they are at it again:–120971704.html

We will no longer accept comments on this story as submissions have been consistently unacceptable.

They are protesting because INAC has said they will no longer pay for hotel rooms for people evacuated because of flooding.

Maybe comments are unacceptable, because putting them up in hotels is unacceptable?

Would you have published  comments if they had slammed INAC for doing this?

Nice job (again) Freep!


One thought on “Again with the censorship…

  1. I noticed the Free Press did that with Jack Layton and the rumored brothel he visited in 1996. There were about 50 comments, and I checked back today, it has a message saying “We are not accepting comments on this story”

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