Kudos to Jenny!!

Well, if you have read my previous blog posts and postings on forums I frequent, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that I’m not even close to a Jenny Gerbasi booster.

I’m not a fan of someone who runs on the platform “opposite of the incumbent mayor”

But I really have to congratulate her on this. This is brilliant. We got this at work today – her constituent newsletter:

Why am I impressed with this?

It’s not attacking the mayor or any of the other right leaning councilors

It’s not a thinly veiled attempt to trumpet one political ideology over another.

It contains constituent information – useful information for constituents.

And it’s positive – trumpets the local community.

And all the pictures of her are small and not meant to be the focus of this. Focus is on community events.

Compared to where I live – I get nothing from my councilor, a paper full of nothing but pictures of my MLA glad handing and what can be only described as thinly veiled election literature( for 11 years), and 10%er  type mailings from my MP.

Jenny has done a good job on this-perhaps elected representatives from other levels of government should take a look at how it should be done.

Good Job Jenny.


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