The Courtesy Wave (or lack thereof)

I’m writing this post as I sit on a bus going to work. You see there was a stalled bus at my bus stop. Being the lazy bugger that I am I waited for a few buses to pass so that I could get on one where I had a chance of sitting as opposed to standing. That’s a good thing though – increased bus ridership. Guess $1.20 gas is good for something.

Anyway I digress.

That’s the number of drivers that gave courtesy waves when drivers in the middle lane let them in to get around the stalled bus; and several drivers in the middle lake made a point of accelerating so they couldn’t get in.
Now I can understand the frustration when someone zips past signs indicating a closed lane for construction, only to cut people off when the lane actually ends. But this is a stalled bus at a bus stop. You have to be pretty close to see it is stalled and not just picking up passengers.

So what has happened to courtesy while driving? Lack of courtesy waves, not signalling, stopping in no stopping zones, the list is endless.

Perhaps we need to make driver courtesy a mandatory pass/fail part of the driver exam?


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