This is “Today’s NDP?”

Seriously? This is what passes for Today’s NDP?

(Credit to twitpic page)

I mean what the hell is that? Did they pick a 3rd grade student to do their press releases?

1st paragraph – talk about MPI rebates

2nd paragraph – talk about something completely different

3rd paragraph – talk about MPI rebates again.

(And Swan is wrong by the way. if we had private insurance we wouldn’t have been overcharged to this magnitude, if at all!)

But back to the letter – what does MPI have to do with Hydro rates and the Elderly? And how do the two fit into this? Seriously, you could put a paragraph about the state of housing for the Gypsy population in Romania instead of the second paragraph and it would have the same relevance – NONE!

So then I went to the websites to see if I could find the actual news release and got even more disgusted:

Look at how many press releases refer to “Hugh” or “McFayden”.

Whatever happened to:

“The Opposition Party”

“Opposition party leader McFayden”

“Leader of the Opposition, Hugh McFayden”

“Conservative party leader”

Look  at their main page ( and you’ll see more references to Hugh.

Wondering if this was solely an NDP trick, I looked at the PC website:

A couple of references to:


“Selinger’s NDP government”

It mostly referenced “NDP government”

Then the Liberal site (Which I was most impressed with):

The reference “NDP” and each reference to a cabinet minister  uses their ministerial title e.g” Education Minister Nancy Allan”


So why is the NDP using the lowbrow approach? Is that the voter they’re trying to attract?

Maybe they should trying using some decorum, respect and integrity.


Oh right, it’s the NDP.


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