Election Promises

Thought I’d start a post to tally the election promises. So far each party has made one:

Cons: Income splitting for families, but not for 4 or 5 years

Liberals: Additional Education support


NDP: Cap credit card interest charges

None are ground breaking, but I would say the only one that really makes any sense is the conservative one.

The Liberal promise is aimed at getting low income students into University, but it’s flawed in that it is an RESP program, and only for 4 years. What they don’t tell you is that it replaces the education and textbook credit.Essentially what they are doing is penalizing people who go to post secondary for longer than 4 years to pay for this program. Oh well, I guess if you are going to post secondary for longer than 4 years, you don’t need the $800 in relief the textbook and education credits now provide.

The NDP promise is a classic example of government hand holding. If people are going to ring up their credit cards, why should government regulate that? There has to be some level of personal responsibility.

Score to date:

Cons: 1



I’ll update this as the election progresses


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