Gordon Sinclair (Or why the Freep has turned into a shitrag)

Reading a Gordon Sinclair Jr. column is like watching a manure truck driven by a drunk driver try to run down another vehicle but instead it smashes into a fence. You can’t help but watch, the driver is trying to take someone out, but in the end there is only shit is on the driver.

I’ve never thought highly of Sinclair and his brand of journalism. As far as I am concerned, he is a self-absorbed egomaniac, who writes columns for three reasons only:

a) To portray himself as the crusading hero standing up for the rights of the little guy

b) Name dropping the important people in the city lest we forget how important he is

c) Smearing the WPS and any politician who he doesn’t approve of.

Never mind the fact that as a professional journalist, he’d never be able to pass a grade 3 grammar test.

His latest shot is at the Mayor, or Perhaps the WPS because the mayor didn’t receive a ticket for sliding through a red light:


Some of his hyperbole is laughable:

“The impact of the collision beside the Winnipeg Convention Centre was so loud, office workers at the public trustee’s office heard it five floors up in the adjacent BDC Building.”

Nice try. I work in a downtown office building several floors higher than the BDC building. I can hear every accident and siren from my window.

I could go on and on slamming Sinclair, but I think  there has been a fair number of comments on his column that do that, so I’ m not going to restate the same. Although to be fair there are a few number of comments supporting his column, but that seems to be the audience he panders to – those that think no matter what the Mayor does, it’s wrong. (He could go to Sals and order breakfast and Judy could have ordered the same thing, but only one would be called out for pandering.)

But you Sinclair, are a hypocritical asshole.

You complain that the Mayor received special treatment because he didn’t receive a ticket, so I’ll ask you a couple of questions:

a) Did you go to the WPS and demand that they charge you with assault and theft when you threw your registration at a gas station attendant when you weren’t able to pay for your gas because you forgot your wallet?


( I couldn’t find the actual article – I think most remember it, but the above is the Black Rod’s take.)

b) Did you go to the WPS and demand they charge you with imprudent driving when you took off down Taylor after a driver you saw run a red light?


Oh, you didn’t? Of course not, you’re the great Gordon Sinclair, you name drop with the important people of this city, laws don’t apply to you.


Hypocritical Asshole.


8 thoughts on “Gordon Sinclair (Or why the Freep has turned into a shitrag)

  1. I don’t get it, why does someone need to be ticketed for sliding through a red light when no one was injured? I believe the economic consequences of an at fault accident are bad enough. If the mayor was drunk, high, speeding, etc. or some combination thereof, I could see this becoming a public issue, but since that isn’t the case I don’t see what Gordo is trying to do here.

  2. If sammy “slid through the red light” he should be ticketed. One must drive to the conditions. Clearly sammy was driving too fast.

    That said the story is nothing but an attempt to smear someone. gord sinclair is a hack.

  3. Margo is going to get Stephanie to cancel your blog pal. How dare you accuse the FP of bias. Or bad journamalism. Or being hypocrites. Don;t you know who they are?

  4. I worked in a higher-end restaurant in downtown Winnipeg that Mr. Sinclair would frequent. When he wasn’t loudly name-dropping in the lounge he was hitting on the waitresses. He’s sleazy and arrogant.

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