Microsoft…the end of the story

So it’s over, the Microsoft mess.

After contacting the credit card company and taking with the customer service rep, it’s finally been resolved.

She had told me a new copy should arrive in 3-8 days. It didn’t, so I called back.

I told her not only did I pay $25 for the replacement disc, I also sent it by courier ($15) to ensure delivery signature.

For that price I could have bought a new copy after Christmas when the price went down.

She promised they would compensate me for my problems when it was resolved. I told her, send the damn thing courier!

2 days later it showed up by UPS.

So I called back, and was offered the choice of a free game disc, free controller or headset. Took the headset as I was short one anyway.

The kicker to the story?

Two days later an envelope shows up from the Microsoft depot in Zionsville, IN ( where the disc was sent in the first place, over a month since it was signed for).

In the envelope? the original damaged disc I sent back along with a letter telling me the disc wasn’t eligible for Microsoft’s disc replacement program (Despite being told by multiple Microsoft Reps that it was).

According to the letter, only games published by Microsoft are eligible for the replacement.

I guess nobody at the Indiana depot bothered to look at the disc and the  “published by Microsoft” logo prominently displayed.


While I appreciate the headset, you score a big FAIL on this one Microsoft.


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