Election Promises

Thought I’d start a post to tally the election promises. So far each party has made one:

Cons: Income splitting for families, but not for 4 or 5 years

Liberals: Additional Education support


NDP: Cap credit card interest charges

None are ground breaking, but I would say the only one that really makes any sense is the conservative one.

The Liberal promise is aimed at getting low income students into University, but it’s flawed in that it is an RESP program, and only for 4 years. What they don’t tell you is that it replaces the education and textbook credit.Essentially what they are doing is penalizing people who go to post secondary for longer than 4 years to pay for this program. Oh well, I guess if you are going to post secondary for longer than 4 years, you don’t need the $800 in relief the textbook and education credits now provide.

The NDP promise is a classic example of government hand holding. If people are going to ring up their credit cards, why should government regulate that? There has to be some level of personal responsibility.

Score to date:

Cons: 1



I’ll update this as the election progresses


Freep is becoming a running joke

The Freep never ceases to amaze me.

Here’s a story from today:


To paraphrase it quickly, MKO grand Chief David Harper went to the Vatican to complain to the Pope because some northern Manitoba first nations have no running water.

Okay, but what struck me from the story was this :

We will no longer accept comments on this story as submissions have been consistently unacceptable.


The Freep usually only doesn’t accept comments on court cases.

But they are not accepting comments on this because the submissions have been unacceptable?

Do you know why they have been unacceptable?


First the complaints about the body bags during the H1N1, even though it was the nurses on the ground that ordered them; and now this?

And then David Harper has the audacity to be offended when the general attitude to the problem is “ tough shit. Show some pride in ownership first.”

You want sympathy? Instead of whining to the pope, how about calling a news conference stating you cancelled your trip to Europe and are using the funds to help provide running water on a reserve.

And Freep, your censorship is a joke. Just like your paper is becoming.

Gordon Sinclair (Or why the Freep has turned into a shitrag)

Reading a Gordon Sinclair Jr. column is like watching a manure truck driven by a drunk driver try to run down another vehicle but instead it smashes into a fence. You can’t help but watch, the driver is trying to take someone out, but in the end there is only shit is on the driver.

I’ve never thought highly of Sinclair and his brand of journalism. As far as I am concerned, he is a self-absorbed egomaniac, who writes columns for three reasons only:

a) To portray himself as the crusading hero standing up for the rights of the little guy

b) Name dropping the important people in the city lest we forget how important he is

c) Smearing the WPS and any politician who he doesn’t approve of.

Never mind the fact that as a professional journalist, he’d never be able to pass a grade 3 grammar test.

His latest shot is at the Mayor, or Perhaps the WPS because the mayor didn’t receive a ticket for sliding through a red light:


Some of his hyperbole is laughable:

“The impact of the collision beside the Winnipeg Convention Centre was so loud, office workers at the public trustee’s office heard it five floors up in the adjacent BDC Building.”

Nice try. I work in a downtown office building several floors higher than the BDC building. I can hear every accident and siren from my window.

I could go on and on slamming Sinclair, but I think  there has been a fair number of comments on his column that do that, so I’ m not going to restate the same. Although to be fair there are a few number of comments supporting his column, but that seems to be the audience he panders to – those that think no matter what the Mayor does, it’s wrong. (He could go to Sals and order breakfast and Judy could have ordered the same thing, but only one would be called out for pandering.)

But you Sinclair, are a hypocritical asshole.

You complain that the Mayor received special treatment because he didn’t receive a ticket, so I’ll ask you a couple of questions:

a) Did you go to the WPS and demand that they charge you with assault and theft when you threw your registration at a gas station attendant when you weren’t able to pay for your gas because you forgot your wallet?


( I couldn’t find the actual article – I think most remember it, but the above is the Black Rod’s take.)

b) Did you go to the WPS and demand they charge you with imprudent driving when you took off down Taylor after a driver you saw run a red light?


Oh, you didn’t? Of course not, you’re the great Gordon Sinclair, you name drop with the important people of this city, laws don’t apply to you.


Hypocritical Asshole.

Microsoft…the end of the story

So it’s over, the Microsoft mess.

After contacting the credit card company and taking with the customer service rep, it’s finally been resolved.

She had told me a new copy should arrive in 3-8 days. It didn’t, so I called back.

I told her not only did I pay $25 for the replacement disc, I also sent it by courier ($15) to ensure delivery signature.

For that price I could have bought a new copy after Christmas when the price went down.

She promised they would compensate me for my problems when it was resolved. I told her, send the damn thing courier!

2 days later it showed up by UPS.

So I called back, and was offered the choice of a free game disc, free controller or headset. Took the headset as I was short one anyway.

The kicker to the story?

Two days later an envelope shows up from the Microsoft depot in Zionsville, IN ( where the disc was sent in the first place, over a month since it was signed for).

In the envelope? the original damaged disc I sent back along with a letter telling me the disc wasn’t eligible for Microsoft’s disc replacement program (Despite being told by multiple Microsoft Reps that it was).

According to the letter, only games published by Microsoft are eligible for the replacement.

I guess nobody at the Indiana depot bothered to look at the disc and the  “published by Microsoft” logo prominently displayed.


While I appreciate the headset, you score a big FAIL on this one Microsoft.


If you are driving north on Pembina in morning rush hour, and your itty bitty Japanese pickup stalls in the middle lane, the correct course of action is:

Get out, and with the aid of the person beside you, push the vehicle into the Shell parking lot beside you.

Do you know what isn’t the correct course of action? (of course you don’t otherwise I wouldn’t have to explain it to you)

Failing to put your hazards on, leaving your truck in the middle lane, then getting out of the truck and crawling underneath it with your legs spread into the next lane. IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC!!!

On the positive, perhaps you haven’t reproduced yet, and when a vehicle inevitably drives over you, we’ll have one less idiot to worry about reproducing!


They call themselves the natural governing party why?

Okay, we all know there is a chance of a spring federal election. More than a chance if you look at what the parties are doing. I think we have all seen The Conservative ads:


The NDP has gotten in on the game too:


The Liberals?


They have an on-line petition asking Bev Oda to resign

And they were handing out t-shirts to media yesterday with this logo:

So my question for the federal Liberal party would be : When’s the Kegger or Toga Party?


And they wonder why they can’t capitalize on Conservative miscues?