Now it’s not just sucking Balls, It’s sucking the taint too!!

First – sorry for the delay on posting new material – been kinda busy the last while.

Second – a follow up on the Microsoft story:

So I got a response back from the Customer Service agent. But it wasn’t a call, it was an e-mail. We are looking into it she said.They’ll get back to me within 48 hours, she said.

Not good enough.

So I called the number given. After AN HOUR on the phone with several Microsoft idiots, I now had the following information:

  • It was my fault for sending it to the wrong location, even though two agents told me to send it to a location in Indiana.
  • The disc was not shipped due to being out of stock ( completely contrary to the earlier statement that an investigation had to be done before the disc could be shipped)
  • I would receive a call on Jan 25th only if the matter had been resolved ( contrary to previous information.)

Not good enough.

So I went to the top. Vice President Entertainment and Devices Division, Microsoft Canada, Greg Barber to be precise.

The next day I got an e-mail from a product specialist with her direct contact information, asking me to call her ASAP. She apologized profusely and told me the replacement disc was on it’s way ( which really, was all I wanted to know).

It’s now the 8th of Feb., almost 2 wks since I talked to the Microsoft Rep the last time. And well beyond the 3-5 days shipping she told me it would take.

Another fax to the VP Microsoft, and an e-mail to the rep. Except this time it will be a fax every day until I get my F’n disc.

I don’t know if I am more disgusted by the delay or the refusal to make things right. Is the $15 courier charge too much to pay for a positive customer relationship ( especially considering I paid to courier the disc to them! Imagine If I had just mailed it, I would be SOL!)

I’ll keep you updated, but I think I’ll be calling the credit card company in a week to report a fraudulent charge!



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