Microsoft Customer Service Sucks Balls!

Hey Microsoft – Your customer service sucks balls!

When you charge my credit card in Dec., and you have ( and agree) with confirmation of receipt of my defective item, I shouldn’t have to wait for you to send my replacement until you do an internal investigation into why YOUR rep gave me the wrong address to send my defective product to.

I sent it ( and was delivered )to where you instructed me to send it, I paid for replacement . Not my problem if your staff sucks!

Customer service Person #1: Send it to Texas with Box and Manual

I check website and it says send to Illinois, so I e-mail customer support.

Customer support e-mail response: Always go by what is on website

I call Customer service again to confirm shipping address.

Customer service person #2: Yes, send it to Illinois (disc only). Texas is for Consoles

So I courier it out ( Smart, Smart, decision!)

I call customer service a week after I view confirmation of delivery on the courier website

Customer service Person #3: No, you’re in Canada, should have been shipped to Toronto.


It’s not like the other Customer Service people couldn’t see my address – are they idiots?

So CC has been charged, they have receipt of defective item , but I can’t get replacement until they do internal investigation and locate disc.

What they should have done:

When I called and talked to person #3, provided them with tracking, confirmation #s and  proof of credit card charge they should have shipped me a replacement immediately. If they told me the wrong place, they should address that internally. I shouldn’t have to wait.

And if they wanted to show really good customer service they could include some Microsoft points for having to wait a week between when they received it and when they shipped.

But as it stands, their service sucks!

A rep is supposed to be calling me back in 48 hrs. At which point I have told them to give me either a tracking # for the replacement disc or the number of the person’s superior.

If that doesn’t work – maybe I’ll file a police report – ‘cause really isn’t this theft?


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Customer Service Sucks Balls!

  1. Had an interesting conversation with HP help desk. I was being sent a replacement part, when I provided my address, the “help” person said he needed one in North America. Turns out according to HP India, Canada is not in North America. After a few more transfers, i did end up speaking to a Canadian who was able to send the part.

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