Winnipeg Drivers……..


Now this could be the subject of an entire blog ( not just a post)!

Never mind the rampant increase in  the number of drivers running red lights ( I cross seven intersections between work and my bus stop. Without fail at least one driver runs the red at every intersection – MINIMUM!) WTF?!?

But now that it has gotten cold, the opposite seems to be happening. So word of advice – if you need to drive 30 km/hr down Pembina, because it is -30 out  while the rest of the traffic is going at least 50 km/hr , take a left turn at Bison drive and head to the new MPI building and give them your license because you are too useless to drive and should be taking the bus!

And the funny part? Those that protest the most about being labelled a bad driver are often the worst of the bunch!

( wonderfully positive post to start the new year, huh? It will get better – I promise!)


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