Microsoft Customer Service Sucks Balls!

Hey Microsoft – Your customer service sucks balls!

When you charge my credit card in Dec., and you have ( and agree) with confirmation of receipt of my defective item, I shouldn’t have to wait for you to send my replacement until you do an internal investigation into why YOUR rep gave me the wrong address to send my defective product to.

I sent it ( and was delivered )to where you instructed me to send it, I paid for replacement . Not my problem if your staff sucks!

Customer service Person #1: Send it to Texas with Box and Manual

I check website and it says send to Illinois, so I e-mail customer support.

Customer support e-mail response: Always go by what is on website

I call Customer service again to confirm shipping address.

Customer service person #2: Yes, send it to Illinois (disc only). Texas is for Consoles

So I courier it out ( Smart, Smart, decision!)

I call customer service a week after I view confirmation of delivery on the courier website

Customer service Person #3: No, you’re in Canada, should have been shipped to Toronto.


It’s not like the other Customer Service people couldn’t see my address – are they idiots?

So CC has been charged, they have receipt of defective item , but I can’t get replacement until they do internal investigation and locate disc.

What they should have done:

When I called and talked to person #3, provided them with tracking, confirmation #s and  proof of credit card charge they should have shipped me a replacement immediately. If they told me the wrong place, they should address that internally. I shouldn’t have to wait.

And if they wanted to show really good customer service they could include some Microsoft points for having to wait a week between when they received it and when they shipped.

But as it stands, their service sucks!

A rep is supposed to be calling me back in 48 hrs. At which point I have told them to give me either a tracking # for the replacement disc or the number of the person’s superior.

If that doesn’t work – maybe I’ll file a police report – ‘cause really isn’t this theft?


Winnipeg Drivers……..


Now this could be the subject of an entire blog ( not just a post)!

Never mind the rampant increase in  the number of drivers running red lights ( I cross seven intersections between work and my bus stop. Without fail at least one driver runs the red at every intersection – MINIMUM!) WTF?!?

But now that it has gotten cold, the opposite seems to be happening. So word of advice – if you need to drive 30 km/hr down Pembina, because it is -30 out  while the rest of the traffic is going at least 50 km/hr , take a left turn at Bison drive and head to the new MPI building and give them your license because you are too useless to drive and should be taking the bus!

And the funny part? Those that protest the most about being labelled a bad driver are often the worst of the bunch!

( wonderfully positive post to start the new year, huh? It will get better – I promise!)

Happy New Year – More NDP goodies!

So the NDP just announced that they are eliminating the Corporate  Capital Tax effective Jan 1, 2011. On the heels of the elimination of the small business tax, they are becoming very business friendly, right?

Well, let’s take a look.

First let’s look at the tax. What is it and what is being taxed?

The Corporate Capital tax is a tax levied on paid up capital. Basically your retained earnings or net assets ( Assets – Liabilities).

Hmmm……Imagine if the province taxed your savings. You saved $10,000 and you had to pay tax on that. Over and above the income tax on it. Yup, taxed twice.

Well, how much is it?For 2010 any paid up capital under $21 Million was exempt. So, as a business you needed to have in excess of $21 Million to pay it, and the rate was  0.2%. So on $25 Million of contributed capital, you are paying $50,000 in tax.

It may seem significant, but I can’t see this affecting a whole lot of businesses. If I don’t like paying taxes, I’ll take that paid up capital and re-invest it into my business so that I stay below $21 Million in contributed capital. So it’s not a tax that’s hard to avoid*.

And for comparison purposes, the only provinces levying a corporate capital tax were Manitoba, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. So we’re not very competitive tax wise with respect to this.

So, while tax elimination is nice, this seems to be window dressing. If the NDP was really concerned about tax relief, they would work on increasing the basic exemption and lowering the lowest tax rates for individuals so that low income earners could actually see an increase in disposable income ( contrary to Selinger’s TV commercials); and work on eliminating payroll tax to make this province more competitive for businesses.


* Tax avoidance = good; tax evasion = bad.