Bad MP report card – Pat Martin

I’m not a big Pat martin fan to start with. I don’t think he is a good MP, he’s never met a microphone or photo opportunity he didn’t like, and to be honest I think he is an embarrassment to his constituents.

We get his mailings at work and he goes off on issues that are either not issues or something is already being done about them. Case in point – his latest mailing asked us to contact the government about agriculture rail freight issues. Guess he forgot a rail freight service review is going on.

His real burning issue is getting rid of the penny. He’s been working on this for years. Now, not that the penny isn’t something that could be looked at, but….

If you are the MP for the second poorest riding in Canada, shouldn’t you be working on other issues than getting rid of the penny? Shouldn’t instead of asking you to contact your MP on rural agricultural issues, you should be contacting them on issues that affect this inner city riding?

Perhaps Pat Martin, you should learn the meaning of the phrases ‘public service’ and ‘representation of constituents’ as opposed to camera hog.



One thought on “Bad MP report card – Pat Martin

  1. Ahh Pat… my MP, and favourite paper waster. He sends me stuff, tells me what he’s been doing, fighting for “the little people”, pictures and all, as if he needs to prove he was really there. As an NDP crony, he can keep doing as little as he has done, and STILL get elected by the “poor people” who don’t understand that the avocation of personal wealth and personal gain is the key to their own success.

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