Graham James bail decision

So Graham James was granted bail this week. I’m not going into detail about who Graham James is or what he is accused of, because if you are reading this blog you’re probably tuned in enough to know the story.

Winnipeg Sun Report

And while I can understand Theo Fleury as a victim being upset, if the conditions for bail are what are listed in the Sun article, then it is the correct legal decision.

Is he a flight risk? Well, he came back from Mexico on his own accord and turned himself in. And if he surrenders his passport I don’t see how he can be considered a flight risk

Will he bring the Justice System into disrepute? Considering how many repeat offenders keep getting bail after bail after bail, I don’t think this is an issue.

Is he a danger to the community? The accused acts took place over 20 years ago. Fleury mentioned that doesn’t mean he hasn’t offended. The problem there is that our system is based on innocent until proven guilty. We don’t put people in jail because they can’t prove they haven’t committed a crime, we put them in jail because we have proven they have committed a crime.

So the decision, based on the criteria, is correct.

If James is guilty of the accusations, he’ll be convicted and given how high profile the case is combined with the outrage with him getting a pardon, a slap on the wrist isn’t likely.

Hopefully then Fleury will get some closure.



One thought on “Graham James bail decision

  1. I’ve no doubt dude will be found guilty. But I have every doubt dude will receive an appropriate sentence. Please keep in mind the asshat officials that awarded this asshat a pardon.

    The Canadian justice system is an ass.

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