NDP reminds me of a Colin James song

Remember that Colin James song from the 80’s ” Why’d you lie?”

I’m often reminded of that song each time I now hear any statement coming from our provincial government. Why can’t they be honest with Manitobans?

Am I naive? or just too much of an idealist?

Is it too much to expect your elected representatives to be honest with the public?

Never mind the lies over bipole, or how much the corporate  tax reduction will benefit businesses (which I have already gone over)

Or is our provincial government that arrogant to think that Manitobans will follow them blindly and unquestioned. Accepting every statement as truth.

You’ve all seen the attack ads. They have also been widely panned – see local forums. Cherenkov did an interesting post on it – I thought I would take it one further and actually check the accuracy of their sources, especially the hansard.

Here’s the video:

Now , I’m wondering how many of those statements are true.

Here’s the first one:

FACT: Opposes Minimun Wage Increases ( Source: Hansard 28/11/2008)

Well, if you actually look at the Hansard for that day, you’ll see that there is only one mention of the term ‘Minimum  Wage’. It’s in the response to the throne speech from the MLA from St. Rose. He is listing minimum wage increases as one item that affects small businesses. Here is the actual quote:

Increases in the minimum wage affect small business more than any other business. What results is it doesn’t help in the long run. What happens is there are less summer students getting hired; maybe one staffer is gone and the people that own and operate the business spend more hours doing it themselves.

I don’t think I’d call that ‘Opposing Minimum Wage Increases’. In the context of the speech, I’d call it things that affect small businesses.

Okay, how about claim #2 ( you’re allowed one mulligan, right?)

Well, try as I might, I can’t verify that claim either. Might have something to do with the date on the source. Here is the claim:

FACT: Against Improved Health & Safety Laws ( Source Brandon Sun 9/4/2010)

I can’t access Brandon Sun archives that far back since I am not a subscriber, so I can’t verify the accuracy of the claim.

What about claim #3:

FACT: Would overturn water protection laws ( Source: Brandon Sun 28/4/2006)

like the previous ‘Fact’, this can’t be verified due to how old the source is.


FACT: Would oppose wastewater treatment ( Source PC news release 14/4/2010)

I’m pretty sure this has to do with the wastewater treatment facilities the province is requiring the city to build. These would be the same ones the remove nitrogen, which the city, the PCs and scientists oppose as it would have no effect on the health of Lake Winnipeg, and would be a waste of money. But I guess if the NDP takes a position, it doesn’t matter how many experts refute it, the NDP can’t be wrong.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the source to verify this one either ( If anyone could provide a link, I’ll post it here and update the post)

Here’s the next one:

FACT: Still Supports Deep cuts of the ’90s ( Source: Hansard 11/4/2008)

Well, that was a budget debate day. I think I know what the NDP is talking about. I say ‘I think’, because it’s quite the leap:

By way of example, there were tough decisions made through the 1980s and 1990s. The Free Trade Agreement, which the NDP campaigned against–I remember the then-Leader of the Opposition, current Member for Concordia (Mr. Doer), saying that he and his party were against free trade.

Now, the ad shows the quote with a picture of a nurse. The word ‘nurse’ only shows up in the hansard once that day, and only for description of some Manitobans (“It’s not the Manitoba way to insult the hardworking taxpayers, farmers, small-business people, nurses, teachers, police officers and others who get up and work hard and pay their taxes.”)

Another completely false “Fact”


FACT: PC budget proposal would cut $450 million ( Souce: Hansard 17/6/2010)

Problem with the above statement is that wasn’t what was debated that day. Check the Hansard, the debate is on the budget yes, specifically the removal of the penalty to cabinet ministers if they run a deficit budget. And if you read the amendments, you’ll see that the PCs even offered an amendment to suspend balanced budget legislation for 1 year. Another outright NDP lie.

So 6 ‘Facts’ presented.

3 come from the hansard and are outright lies

2 come from the Brandon Sun and can’t be verified.

1 is a PC news release that I haven’t yet been able to find.

Does the NDP just make things up and pitch it as the truth?

How can you believe anything they say?

Why isn’t the media exposing this? Hey Dan Lett, you did a piece on this, why didn’t you do the 1/2 hour of research that I did and point out that these statements are false? Instead you used the article to let Jennifer Howard defend the use of these. You could have at least asked why they were using statements falsely attributed to the Hansard. I’d love to hear your explanation for that.

Why are we letting them get away with these lies?


4 thoughts on “NDP reminds me of a Colin James song

  1. I couldn’t find the sources for the water protection “facts” either. Bruce Owen stated in the Freep that the urine one was related to the nitrogen removal issue, and I took his word for it, but I’m pretty sure he’s right. The only other possibility is that Hugh said he was going to take another look at the hog barn expansion moratorium. Maybe considering possibly removing the moratorium in specific areas of the province based on scientific input equates to filling our lakes with urine? I don’t know.

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