A Sinister Plan All Along?

Interesting article in the Free Press about the stadium situation:


What really struck me from this article was one quote from Asper:

” Late last week, Asper said in an interview his original intention as football-club chairman a decade ago was to see the public sector build a stadium, especially since most of the use would be for amateur sport.”

Hmmmm…….What could that mean?

Not that I am a conspiracy theorist, but……

“How do I get the public sector to build a new stadium?”

” I know, I’ll pitch a plan where I pay for part out of supposed future revenues form a shopping project. I’ll get the Province to front the money. I’ll lowball the construction costs. When the real construction costs are known, I’ll tell them that we either need to renegotiate, or I can only build something that’s barely suitable for pop warner football. Since construction will have started, the province will have to finish the job!”


A nefarious plan by Asper all along?







3 thoughts on “A Sinister Plan All Along?

  1. They mention a new entity called B & G…what does it stand for ? We should know, they are the “ones ” who will own the stadium.

    Looks like Creswin is setting themselves off to make a few dozen million in this Made in Manitoba scam.

    Black Rod nails this one….again. ANd wait till we get to hear about Sam’s Green Bay share sale. lol, bait and switch.

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