Manitoba-The NDP Lie About Caring For The Lower Class

Well, maybe that’s not totally true. They care about them – they care about robbing them and stealing their money!

We all know the NDP lies about the decisions they make – I could go on and on about the lie they spew about photo radar being for safety. Or the lies around Bipole.

But lets look at one of the items from their throne speech, shall we – the additional minimum wage increase that the government promises.

Never mind the fact that minimum wage increases do more harm than good as working poor usually earn higher than minimum wage and an increase in their wage isn’t tied to minimum wage.

Never mind that it’s widely accepted that tax reform is more of a benefit than a minimum wage increase – but A-Ha! tax reform means the government has to look at spending, but a minimum wage increase can be passed onto businesses

So lets look at some facts and numbers with respect to minimum wage and tax, shall we ( excluded QC, because their tax rates are not really that comparable)?

FACT: Manitoba’s minimum wage of $9.50  is only less than Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Nunavut ( Low = $8.00 BC, High = $10.25 ON)

FACT: Manitoba’s lowest provincial tax rate of  10.8% is the second highest in the country to Saskatchewan’s 11%, but Manitoba’s increases to 12.75 on earnings over $31,000 and Saskatchewan’s only increases after $40,000 to 13%  ( Low = 4%, AB has 10% flat, ON = 5.05%, BC = 5.06%)

FACT: Manitoba’s basic personal exemption of $8,134 is lowest west of Quebec, and only the 4 maritime provinces have lower rates ( High AB $16,775, low NL $6,992)

So what does this all mean?

If you make $25,000, you will pay more provincial income tax ($1,821.53) in Manitoba than anywhere else in Canada. $677.09 more than if you made the same amount in Saskatchewan. And more than double the amount you would pay if you lived in any other province west of Quebec ($818.25 to $843.60)

Now lets bring minimum wage into this.

A full-time  employee in Manitoba ( 2080 hours) makes $19,760 per year. That’s highest west of Ontario.

What happens when we look at the tax effect and after tax dollars? Well, that high tax burden means Manitoba moves down in terms of net standing for after provincial tax income.

BC has a low minimum wage, but a higher minimum exemption and lower tax rate. The result: the tax effect is a 2.8% drop in income.

For other provinces west of Quebec: AB 0.84% drop, SK 2.66% drop, ON 3.09% drop. Manitoba , with a high minimum wage, low tax exemption and high tax rate means income drops 6.35% from gross to after tax. Highest in the country.

What would we have to make in terms of minimum wage IF we used SK’s rate and exemption to yield the same amount? $9.13

So remember this when you talk about any minimum wage increases.

An NDP government, that supposedly represents low-income earners better than PC or Liberals, taxes them and leaves them with less income than PCs or Liberals

And because of Manitoba’s high tax rate on low-income earners, the provincial government benefits at a proportionally higher rate from any minimum wage increase than any other provincial government in Canada.

So in essence, minimum wage increases are a backdoor business tax increase.

Wanna live up to your mantra of helping the lower class? Crank the basic personal tax exemption, and drop the lowest personal income tax rate. That will make a difference.

But that also requires either cutting spending or finding new, innovative revenue streams, neither of which our provincial government has the brains or balls to do.


Not your Parents’ video games!

So if you haven’t heard the latest Call of Duty game, COD: Black Ops sold over 5 Million copies in the first 24 hours . $360 Million in the first 24 hours. Expected $550 Million in the first 5 days!

That’s the highest grossing entertainment opening day this year. That’s not just video games, that’s entertainment, which includes the old standard – movies. Now the nay sayers will say that a video game costs $60, but a movie is $10. True, but if I go to the movies with the wife and kids, that’s a minimum of $40, and more likely closer to $80. If I’m buying the video game, that’s all I’m buying.

That’s right these aren’t your parents’ video games any more.  Remember Space Invaders? Donkey Kong? Sitting in your parents’ basement playing Colecovision? Intellivision? Atari?

Well no more. No more are gamers the geeks that are looked down upon. Video Games are mainstream. Two of the most popular series’ are Halo and Call of Duty. Halo has spawned Mega Block sets, animated movies and books.


Because these aren’t your parents’ video games. They have stories and back stories. Lifelike graphics and hollywood stars voicing characters. Multiplayer modes that let you converse and play against people all over the world. Total immersion. And for those that decry them as stifiling the imagination, well, you’ve obviously never seen the maps and game modes that kids create in the forge level of Halo. That’s where imagination is.

Not just kids, adults. Avg gamer is still male, but now try mid 20s. Women do it too – they love kicking my ass in Call of Duty. And the entertainment world is starting to take notice too.  Upcoming video games are being advertised on prime time TV – advertisements that promote the backstory in the game or may have nothing to do with the actual game – look at the Call of Duty ad with kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel:

Not one scene from the game. No pics of the game whatsoever.

Now the next step – Video Game branded mainstream consumer goods. Jeep has jumped on the bandwagon :

Now, I can’t remember the last time I saw a vehicle with a movie edition. Olympic edition, special sports edition, but I have never seen a Pontiac Aztek Titanic edition ( okay, maybe not best example), or cobalt avatar edition.

So what does it all mean? Well if I’m an advertiser looking for product placement in mass media entertainment, I think I’d rather have the protaganist in a video game be shown drinking a coke ( even better if it is in the start screen) than have product placement in a movie.

It’s also okay to be a gamer – at any age. I’m happy to admit it.

A Sinister Plan All Along?

Interesting article in the Free Press about the stadium situation:

What really struck me from this article was one quote from Asper:

” Late last week, Asper said in an interview his original intention as football-club chairman a decade ago was to see the public sector build a stadium, especially since most of the use would be for amateur sport.”

Hmmmm…….What could that mean?

Not that I am a conspiracy theorist, but……

“How do I get the public sector to build a new stadium?”

” I know, I’ll pitch a plan where I pay for part out of supposed future revenues form a shopping project. I’ll get the Province to front the money. I’ll lowball the construction costs. When the real construction costs are known, I’ll tell them that we either need to renegotiate, or I can only build something that’s barely suitable for pop warner football. Since construction will have started, the province will have to finish the job!”


A nefarious plan by Asper all along?