Winnipeg Election – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Well, now that the election is over, I can do what all the cool kids do – an election post mortem. Although I think I’ll look at this from good, bad, ugly perspective.

First the good:

Voter Turnout – Any increase in voter turnout is always a good thing. No ands ifs or buts

Rise of Social Media – I followed both Judy and Sam’s twitter feeds. I think I got one from Sam and was getting feeds from Judy on a daily basis. If you want to get your message out, that’s a cheap and effective method. Sure, people knew about Sam wanting more police officers, but I think you could name more platform items that Judy was suggesting than Sam, and I think this had something to do with it.

Also – the immediacy of information from social network sources. My MTS TV box died on election night. So I figured I would go to Winnipeg Free Press and Global News websites for instant updates. Then I opened my twitter feed. No comparison. Twitter was so far ahead of what the websites were posting it wasn’t funny.  The gap between the Twitter info and the website updates was similar to watching the results on the late news or reading them in the paper the next day. Not even close. I know where to go for immediate information.

The Bad:

Winnipeg Free Press – Still like to say you’re unbiased? How is it that every poll that showed Judy within 6points of Sam was front page news, but if a poll came out showing a 20 point lead for Sam it got buried on page 7? And what about your inability to do investigative journalism? Where was the story on Ross Eadie allegedly being financed by NDP? Where was the story about Casey Jones being in a clear conflict of interest if elected? Fortunately, it seems like more and more people are realizing that your paper is little better than bird cage liner.

Robocalls – You’d think that after the first negative backlash, that that would sway candidates away from using them, but for some reason it actually increased their usage. Never mind the fact the one came from Carstairs, which is nails on a chalkboard for me.

Negative Campaigning – No better example than River Heights, it seemed like in some wards there were single, negative driven races (St Norbert – Stadium, North Kildonan – Whellams Lane) and most had to do with consultation or development. But you know what? You’re campaigning to be councillor for 4 years; you better have a more developed position and platform than one issue.

The  Ugly:

Mynarski Residents – Look, I know Lazarenko wasn’t the most effective councilor. And Motkaluk seemed a little to right wing at times. But Eadie? The man whose campaign was allegedly financed by the provincial NDP? Who launched into irrational tirades at debates?  When other residents point their fingers and laugh in future years, you can look back at this being the reason why.

NDP Provincial involvement – Now I know some will say, why shouldn’t they endorse or support? If a candidate is being supported by high ranking individuals within the conservative party, why can’t the NDP do it? The difference is individual vs. corporate, and in this case corporate is the provincial Government, and  if you suggest that the provincial party is separate from the government, I’ll remind you that each provincial party gets funding rebates from votes cast. Yup, I’ve drawn that line. Your provincial tax dollars went to supporting the campaigns of Robinson, Eadie and Bellamy. Besides, I’m thinking you’re gonna have a fight on your hands next year, you may want to be concentrating on that.

Thomas Steen – The ultimate backfire of the NDP meddling. Split the left wing vote and let the conservative come up the middle for the win. Now Thomas is a nice guy and everything, but when you read his survey responses and the constant line is “I’ll talk to my constituents” it kind of gives the impression you don’t have a position on anything.

Shannon Sampert– “If Judy loses, it’s because she’s a woman.” Really? Are you that stupid?  Way to go, you’ve just ruined the credibility of you, your University, Feminists, Political Scientists. Now everybody is going to discount everything you say from now on, and you just jumped right into the stereotype of radical, man hating feminazi. Good job. Never mind of course the fact that Judy’s ideas kept changing or that they didn’t resonate with the public. And of course we already had one female Mayor. But glad to know you consider almost 60% of the voting public as misogynistic sexists.

And the end result: Council might be leaning a little more right than previous, but no major changes or vision (from councilors or Mayor). Looks like another 4 years of same old, same old.


2 thoughts on “Winnipeg Election – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  1. Hi. Good post. I need to comment on notion of “unbiased.” All dialogue is biased. Part of a reader’s/listener’s job is to think critically and to recognize the bias, the inherent values of the communicator of the message. Any news outlet claiming to be “unbiased” is lying. Why? Because, at the most basic level, the decision of whether something is or is not “news” is a bias, plain and simple.

    • True. But I’m contrasting the WFP with the Sun. Everybody knows the Sun has a right wing slant, and the writers won’t disagree with that assessment. The WFP portrays itself as unbiased, and for me, that’s the issue. If you want to report with a left wing bias, that’s fine. But don’t deny that’s what you’re doing.

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