Robocalls = worse than telemarketers

So I come home tonight to yet another robocall message on my answering machine. That’s three from one candidate plus at least another actual call. This one wasn’t quite the worst that she has done. The one I got from Carstairs was pretty much fingernails on the chalkboard for me.

But you’d think they would have figured out after me telling them I wasn;t voting for her when her volunteer called me. So, if there are any JWL volunteers reading this, let me make myself clear:



Never mind the other reasons, if I tell you no, and you keep calling me, it means you are either stupid or have no idea how to listen.

I’m not a fan of Sam, but I’m pretty sure after the first time of saying no, I wouldn’t receive any more calls.

So I’ll finish the post and let you know exactly who I am voting for:

Mayor: Sam. Not because I think he is the best choice, but because if I vote for Brad or Rav, that means that my vote doesn’t offset a vote for Judy in the Sam vs. Judy show.

Councillor: Swandel. He hasn’t done a bad job, and May, you lose my vote more for your actions ( showing up at every JWL photo op, and bringing in prov gov’t organizers) then it has been Swandel doing that much better than you. He hasn’t done a bad job, so you start behind the eight ball to begin with. But instead of keeping up with him, you pretty much turned around and ran in the opposite direction.

School Trustee – Wait! Someone who knows who their trustee candidates are? Well, not exactly. One candidate’s child is in the same school as mine, so he automatically gets a vote, and since I think there needs to be some turnover, the person who has been a trustee for 30 years is excluded. So everyone else gets my vote.

There. Done. Do I still have to go out in the storm tomorrow?



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