A Steaming pile of S*!T served up by Winnipeg Citizens Coalition

So the Winnipeg Citizen’s Coalition has done their Candidate Assessment Report 2010

What a steaming pile of shit.

They sent out a survey to select Winnipeggers to determine what their priorities as citizens are. Well, I guess that part is okay, even though the sample wouldn’t be representative given that the sample is their supporters. Kinda like the Chamber sending a survey to business owners and then purporting that it represents the views of all Winnipeggers.

It’s bad enough that they have cherry picked council votes in order to promote certain candidates and make other look bad.

But then they brought in EPC votes and used those votes to give negative marks to certain candidates. Problem – not all councillors sit on EPC!!!!

What the hell. Imagine if you and your sibling are in school. You both take math and get similar marks, but your sibling also takes chemistry, which they aren’t doing too good at. Imagine if when you got home, your  report said that you were a better student overall, because you only got judged on one course, and your sibling got judged on two. WTF?!?!?!?!

So in retort to WCC’s pile of shit. I present my own excrement dump.  A rating as stupid and as useless as theirs. And you know what? My report card shows the exact opposite of theirs!

Candidate Hoarder Must Spend Punch Drunk Ran Campaign Likely to run for MLA Took Credit for work of deceased
Gerbasi X
Orlikow X
Pagtakhan X
Smith X
Vandal X
Wyatt X

So here’s how my report card works:

Hoarder: If you are as likely to be featured on the evening news as you are on the TV show Hoarders, you fail. Smith, you’re out.

Must Spend: If your only retort to the AT fiasco is ‘If we don’t spend the money we lose it’ without realizing that it is taxpayer money, not from the magic money tree, you fail. Goodbye Gerbasi.

Punch Drunk: If you have been a boxer, you’re probably suffering some sort of brain injury and unfit to hold political office, you fail. That’s TKO for you Vandal.

Ran Campaign: If you ran a provincial MLA’s leadership campaign while in office, that’s a clear conflict of interest, so Wyatt fails on that.

Took Credit for work of the deceased: If you need to take credit for work done by the previous deceased councilor, that’s an automatic fail.

Likely to Run for MLA: If the likelihood of you running for MLA in the next election/by-election is even or better odds, you are a waste of taxpayer funds as you’ll cost money when you trigger a civic by-election. That’s you Pagtakhan.

And if none of the above applies, you automatically get an ‘A’.

Oh look – Gerbasi, Smith, Orlikow, Pagtaghan and Wyatt all fail. Just the opposite of WCC’s report card.

But then again I’ll admit my report card is total bullshit.


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