Looks like maybe Sam was right….

Remember back in January when Sam Katz said the NDP was looking to take control of City Hall?

Katz accuses NDP of infiltrating City Hall

Looks like he may have been right.

First, we have the other mayoral candidate, Judy Wasylycia-Leis. I really don’t think I have to expound on this one considering she was a provincial NDP cabinet minister, and a federal NDP MP for 13 years. Of course she is an NDP candidate.

Then there is Daniel Mac ward where Keith Bellamy has the NDP endorsement. Remember those? They’re like a nomination, but because they don’t want to ‘nominate’ candidates, they’ll ‘endorse’ instead.

And who has the NDP ‘endorsement’ in Elmwood? Shaneen Robinson, whose father is no other than NDP cabinet Minister Eric Robinson. She is also displaying the NDP logo on all her campaign signs.

And that’s just the subtle ones.

Then there is Ross Eadie, running in Mynarski. He’s re-using his signs from previous failed elections attempts, only with the NDP logo removed.

And he pretty much came out and admitted that the NDP was financing his campaign.

Never mind the fact that this type of support violates election laws. However, given that the Chief Electoral officer seems to be an NDP puppet ( NDP election financing scam with union labour and no consequences), expect nothing to be done here.

Now we have the latest. Apparently the NDP has decided that St. Norbert ward is in play, and they have become actively involved in challenger Louise May’s campaign. Not a huge stretch for May, considering her mug has been showing up in a lot of pictures and events with Judy Wasylycia-Leis.

But now they have blatantly called in a top NDP campaign manager to run her campaign. There are a few things that I find unsettling about this. The campaign manager, Geof Langen had been volunteering on Keith Bellamy’s campaign ( see above – NDP endorsed Daniel Mac candidate). But, upon receiving a phone call from local union (okay what union, and what local? St. Norbert isn’t an industrial hotbed and is primarily residential, so what union?), he promptly took a leave of absence from his job as a senior government policy analyst to work full-time on May’s campaign.

That’s pretty altruistic of him. I don’t know about you, but taking an unpaid leave of absence from a senior policy analyst job on a phone call’s notice? it will be interesting to know where he will receive his deferred remuneration for this. Make no mistake, he will receive remuneration for this, it may be money flowing from the union that made the request or it may be a bonus or promotion from the provincial governmentt. But he will receive some sort of compensation for this.

This one is also slightly ironic in that May’s major campaign plank has been anti-stadium, the same stadium which NDP premier Selinger signed the deal on.

So lets recap:

NDP endorsed mayor ( Wasylycia-Leis): Check

NDP overtly endorsed councillors ( Bellamy, Robinson, Eadie, May):Check

Candidates who have work on Prov NDP leadership campaigns (Wyatt): Check

NDP friendly Candidates (Orlikow, Vandal, Gerbasi): Check

If you weren’t counting, that’s Mayor plus 8 candidates, which is a council majority.

That leaves St. Vital, St-James Brooklands, St. Charles, Charleswood-Tuxedo, North Kildonan, Old Kildonan & Point Douglas.

With the exception of Old Kildonan, incumbents are running in the other ridings. Unless the NDP is going to come out and drop major coin into races in west Winnipeg, they are pretty much a lock for center-right candidates. And if Pagtakhan gets re-elected in Point Douglas, as soon as there is a federal by-election called for Winnipeg north, he’ll jump ship and run for Lamoreaux’s vacated liberal MLA seat. The challenger for North Kildonan is a one issue NIBMY, so it’s unlikely he’ll get elected.

So with 8 councillors ( potentially more based on old Kildonan), why bother with other riding s when you could potentially have a majority on council and mayor to appoint EPC (which amongst other things, sets agenda for city hall)


Looks like Sam was right after all.

NDP does have a plan to install a puppet government in City Hall.








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