Winnipeg Election – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Well, now that the election is over, I can do what all the cool kids do – an election post mortem. Although I think I’ll look at this from good, bad, ugly perspective.

First the good:

Voter Turnout – Any increase in voter turnout is always a good thing. No ands ifs or buts

Rise of Social Media – I followed both Judy and Sam’s twitter feeds. I think I got one from Sam and was getting feeds from Judy on a daily basis. If you want to get your message out, that’s a cheap and effective method. Sure, people knew about Sam wanting more police officers, but I think you could name more platform items that Judy was suggesting than Sam, and I think this had something to do with it.

Also – the immediacy of information from social network sources. My MTS TV box died on election night. So I figured I would go to Winnipeg Free Press and Global News websites for instant updates. Then I opened my twitter feed. No comparison. Twitter was so far ahead of what the websites were posting it wasn’t funny.  The gap between the Twitter info and the website updates was similar to watching the results on the late news or reading them in the paper the next day. Not even close. I know where to go for immediate information.

The Bad:

Winnipeg Free Press – Still like to say you’re unbiased? How is it that every poll that showed Judy within 6points of Sam was front page news, but if a poll came out showing a 20 point lead for Sam it got buried on page 7? And what about your inability to do investigative journalism? Where was the story on Ross Eadie allegedly being financed by NDP? Where was the story about Casey Jones being in a clear conflict of interest if elected? Fortunately, it seems like more and more people are realizing that your paper is little better than bird cage liner.

Robocalls – You’d think that after the first negative backlash, that that would sway candidates away from using them, but for some reason it actually increased their usage. Never mind the fact the one came from Carstairs, which is nails on a chalkboard for me.

Negative Campaigning – No better example than River Heights, it seemed like in some wards there were single, negative driven races (St Norbert – Stadium, North Kildonan – Whellams Lane) and most had to do with consultation or development. But you know what? You’re campaigning to be councillor for 4 years; you better have a more developed position and platform than one issue.

The  Ugly:

Mynarski Residents – Look, I know Lazarenko wasn’t the most effective councilor. And Motkaluk seemed a little to right wing at times. But Eadie? The man whose campaign was allegedly financed by the provincial NDP? Who launched into irrational tirades at debates?  When other residents point their fingers and laugh in future years, you can look back at this being the reason why.

NDP Provincial involvement – Now I know some will say, why shouldn’t they endorse or support? If a candidate is being supported by high ranking individuals within the conservative party, why can’t the NDP do it? The difference is individual vs. corporate, and in this case corporate is the provincial Government, and  if you suggest that the provincial party is separate from the government, I’ll remind you that each provincial party gets funding rebates from votes cast. Yup, I’ve drawn that line. Your provincial tax dollars went to supporting the campaigns of Robinson, Eadie and Bellamy. Besides, I’m thinking you’re gonna have a fight on your hands next year, you may want to be concentrating on that.

Thomas Steen – The ultimate backfire of the NDP meddling. Split the left wing vote and let the conservative come up the middle for the win. Now Thomas is a nice guy and everything, but when you read his survey responses and the constant line is “I’ll talk to my constituents” it kind of gives the impression you don’t have a position on anything.

Shannon Sampert– “If Judy loses, it’s because she’s a woman.” Really? Are you that stupid?  Way to go, you’ve just ruined the credibility of you, your University, Feminists, Political Scientists. Now everybody is going to discount everything you say from now on, and you just jumped right into the stereotype of radical, man hating feminazi. Good job. Never mind of course the fact that Judy’s ideas kept changing or that they didn’t resonate with the public. And of course we already had one female Mayor. But glad to know you consider almost 60% of the voting public as misogynistic sexists.

And the end result: Council might be leaning a little more right than previous, but no major changes or vision (from councilors or Mayor). Looks like another 4 years of same old, same old.


Robocalls = worse than telemarketers

So I come home tonight to yet another robocall message on my answering machine. That’s three from one candidate plus at least another actual call. This one wasn’t quite the worst that she has done. The one I got from Carstairs was pretty much fingernails on the chalkboard for me.

But you’d think they would have figured out after me telling them I wasn;t voting for her when her volunteer called me. So, if there are any JWL volunteers reading this, let me make myself clear:



Never mind the other reasons, if I tell you no, and you keep calling me, it means you are either stupid or have no idea how to listen.

I’m not a fan of Sam, but I’m pretty sure after the first time of saying no, I wouldn’t receive any more calls.

So I’ll finish the post and let you know exactly who I am voting for:

Mayor: Sam. Not because I think he is the best choice, but because if I vote for Brad or Rav, that means that my vote doesn’t offset a vote for Judy in the Sam vs. Judy show.

Councillor: Swandel. He hasn’t done a bad job, and May, you lose my vote more for your actions ( showing up at every JWL photo op, and bringing in prov gov’t organizers) then it has been Swandel doing that much better than you. He hasn’t done a bad job, so you start behind the eight ball to begin with. But instead of keeping up with him, you pretty much turned around and ran in the opposite direction.

School Trustee – Wait! Someone who knows who their trustee candidates are? Well, not exactly. One candidate’s child is in the same school as mine, so he automatically gets a vote, and since I think there needs to be some turnover, the person who has been a trustee for 30 years is excluded. So everyone else gets my vote.

There. Done. Do I still have to go out in the storm tomorrow?


Old Kildonan residents – Listen Up!

A vote for Casey Jones is a vote for no representation!

Yeah, yeah I’m just spewing political rhetoric, right? Wrong.

Casey Jones is a contracts foreman in the solid waste division of the city

And therein lies the problem. Because according to the City of Winnipeg charter, City employees must be granted leave if they decide to be run for public office. Okay, fair enough. However, if an employee wins public office ( i.e. council) they must be given a leave of absence for the equivalent of two council terms ( City of Winnipeg Charter).

See the problem?

How can you represent the interests of your constituents when you still have a vested interest as an employee of the city? You can’t. It’s a clear conflict of interest.

This means Jones has 3 choices if elected:

a) Immediately resign from his city job

b) Be in a clear conflict of interest on any votes that have any financial implications. Since he is an employee, any financial decisions may have at minimum an indirect effect on employees (him).

c) recuse himself from any votes involving financial decisions, thereby denying the residents of Old Kildonan representation.

Being on leave is irrelevant. Because there is a job to return to, there will always be the possibility of putting that job ahead of the constituents.He’s not on council to represent employees, he is on council to represent the citizens of Old Kildonan.

Jones hasn’t made it clear on his website that he will resign. So the assumption must be made that he will take advantage of the provision of the charter to take a leave.

So if you’re an Old Kildonan resident thinking of voting for Jones, he’s either not going to be able to properly represent you or be consistently in a conflict of interest.

Is that what you want?

Looks like the province has to have a hard look at the City Charter on this one.

A Steaming pile of S*!T served up by Winnipeg Citizens Coalition

So the Winnipeg Citizen’s Coalition has done their Candidate Assessment Report 2010

What a steaming pile of shit.

They sent out a survey to select Winnipeggers to determine what their priorities as citizens are. Well, I guess that part is okay, even though the sample wouldn’t be representative given that the sample is their supporters. Kinda like the Chamber sending a survey to business owners and then purporting that it represents the views of all Winnipeggers.

It’s bad enough that they have cherry picked council votes in order to promote certain candidates and make other look bad.

But then they brought in EPC votes and used those votes to give negative marks to certain candidates. Problem – not all councillors sit on EPC!!!!

What the hell. Imagine if you and your sibling are in school. You both take math and get similar marks, but your sibling also takes chemistry, which they aren’t doing too good at. Imagine if when you got home, your  report said that you were a better student overall, because you only got judged on one course, and your sibling got judged on two. WTF?!?!?!?!

So in retort to WCC’s pile of shit. I present my own excrement dump.  A rating as stupid and as useless as theirs. And you know what? My report card shows the exact opposite of theirs!

Candidate Hoarder Must Spend Punch Drunk Ran Campaign Likely to run for MLA Took Credit for work of deceased
Gerbasi X
Orlikow X
Pagtakhan X
Smith X
Vandal X
Wyatt X

So here’s how my report card works:

Hoarder: If you are as likely to be featured on the evening news as you are on the TV show Hoarders, you fail. Smith, you’re out.

Must Spend: If your only retort to the AT fiasco is ‘If we don’t spend the money we lose it’ without realizing that it is taxpayer money, not from the magic money tree, you fail. Goodbye Gerbasi.

Punch Drunk: If you have been a boxer, you’re probably suffering some sort of brain injury and unfit to hold political office, you fail. That’s TKO for you Vandal.

Ran Campaign: If you ran a provincial MLA’s leadership campaign while in office, that’s a clear conflict of interest, so Wyatt fails on that.

Took Credit for work of the deceased: If you need to take credit for work done by the previous deceased councilor, that’s an automatic fail.

Likely to Run for MLA: If the likelihood of you running for MLA in the next election/by-election is even or better odds, you are a waste of taxpayer funds as you’ll cost money when you trigger a civic by-election. That’s you Pagtakhan.

And if none of the above applies, you automatically get an ‘A’.

Oh look – Gerbasi, Smith, Orlikow, Pagtaghan and Wyatt all fail. Just the opposite of WCC’s report card.

But then again I’ll admit my report card is total bullshit.

Looks like maybe Sam was right….

Remember back in January when Sam Katz said the NDP was looking to take control of City Hall?

Katz accuses NDP of infiltrating City Hall

Looks like he may have been right.

First, we have the other mayoral candidate, Judy Wasylycia-Leis. I really don’t think I have to expound on this one considering she was a provincial NDP cabinet minister, and a federal NDP MP for 13 years. Of course she is an NDP candidate.

Then there is Daniel Mac ward where Keith Bellamy has the NDP endorsement. Remember those? They’re like a nomination, but because they don’t want to ‘nominate’ candidates, they’ll ‘endorse’ instead.

And who has the NDP ‘endorsement’ in Elmwood? Shaneen Robinson, whose father is no other than NDP cabinet Minister Eric Robinson. She is also displaying the NDP logo on all her campaign signs.

And that’s just the subtle ones.

Then there is Ross Eadie, running in Mynarski. He’s re-using his signs from previous failed elections attempts, only with the NDP logo removed.

And he pretty much came out and admitted that the NDP was financing his campaign.

Never mind the fact that this type of support violates election laws. However, given that the Chief Electoral officer seems to be an NDP puppet ( NDP election financing scam with union labour and no consequences), expect nothing to be done here.

Now we have the latest. Apparently the NDP has decided that St. Norbert ward is in play, and they have become actively involved in challenger Louise May’s campaign. Not a huge stretch for May, considering her mug has been showing up in a lot of pictures and events with Judy Wasylycia-Leis.

But now they have blatantly called in a top NDP campaign manager to run her campaign. There are a few things that I find unsettling about this. The campaign manager, Geof Langen had been volunteering on Keith Bellamy’s campaign ( see above – NDP endorsed Daniel Mac candidate). But, upon receiving a phone call from local union (okay what union, and what local? St. Norbert isn’t an industrial hotbed and is primarily residential, so what union?), he promptly took a leave of absence from his job as a senior government policy analyst to work full-time on May’s campaign.

That’s pretty altruistic of him. I don’t know about you, but taking an unpaid leave of absence from a senior policy analyst job on a phone call’s notice? it will be interesting to know where he will receive his deferred remuneration for this. Make no mistake, he will receive remuneration for this, it may be money flowing from the union that made the request or it may be a bonus or promotion from the provincial governmentt. But he will receive some sort of compensation for this.

This one is also slightly ironic in that May’s major campaign plank has been anti-stadium, the same stadium which NDP premier Selinger signed the deal on.

So lets recap:

NDP endorsed mayor ( Wasylycia-Leis): Check

NDP overtly endorsed councillors ( Bellamy, Robinson, Eadie, May):Check

Candidates who have work on Prov NDP leadership campaigns (Wyatt): Check

NDP friendly Candidates (Orlikow, Vandal, Gerbasi): Check

If you weren’t counting, that’s Mayor plus 8 candidates, which is a council majority.

That leaves St. Vital, St-James Brooklands, St. Charles, Charleswood-Tuxedo, North Kildonan, Old Kildonan & Point Douglas.

With the exception of Old Kildonan, incumbents are running in the other ridings. Unless the NDP is going to come out and drop major coin into races in west Winnipeg, they are pretty much a lock for center-right candidates. And if Pagtakhan gets re-elected in Point Douglas, as soon as there is a federal by-election called for Winnipeg north, he’ll jump ship and run for Lamoreaux’s vacated liberal MLA seat. The challenger for North Kildonan is a one issue NIBMY, so it’s unlikely he’ll get elected.

So with 8 councillors ( potentially more based on old Kildonan), why bother with other riding s when you could potentially have a majority on council and mayor to appoint EPC (which amongst other things, sets agenda for city hall)


Looks like Sam was right after all.

NDP does have a plan to install a puppet government in City Hall.