Anglican Church = Closet Gay Church

I don’t understand why the Anglican Church doesn’t just come out and say it; I mean considering they have had that fencepost stuck up the ass of the church for the past decade. How much of a leap is it from sitting on the fence with the post up your ass to actually coming out and admitting it? getting off the fence as you may?

Of course, that would entail taking a stand and actually practicing some leadership, neither of which the church likes to do.

Now for those who don’t follow the Anglican church, the church has been wrestling with the issue of same sex for the past 12 years. Bless same sex unions, ordain gay priests and bishops, it’s all been contentious.

It came to a head a few years back with a Canadian Diocese deciding to bless same-sex unions ( PC word for marriage), and ordain gay bishops. At the time, being the big procedure junkie that I am, I was willing to say ‘hold off, you made a decision in 1998 that you would decide this at the next world wide conference in 2008. So, in 2008 what did they do? Nothing! Chickenshits.

I mean, with every other denomination, you at least know where they stand! Anglicans are too timid to offend anyone, so they don’t make any decisions that might, which in turn offends everyone. Make a damned decision, so people can then make their own decisions!

And at the last Canadian meetings earlier this year, what did they do? Nothing. Chickenshits.

So in my opinion, there is no legitimacy to any of the Anglican church’s authority figures. One of the hallmarks of authority is the ability and requirement of decision making. If you have abdicated your decision making, you’ve abdicated your leadership.

And now this. Just when you think the Archbishop of Canterbury can’t have that fence post further up his ass:

So he could possibly accept Gay Bishops, as long as they pledge to remain celibate? What the hell?? Bet that fencepost up the ass feels really good, eh Rowan?

Make a decision. If you wanna discriminate, at least be upfront about it , so people can go somewhere else.

You’re the asshole of the week, Archbishop. F#$k You. ( But I think that fencepost is already doing it)


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