Another Freakin Stoplight?

So it appears that the city is putting in another red light. At the intersection of Academy and Harrow. I’ll let that sink in for you……..

Academy and Harrow. One block west of the lights at Academy and Stafford. This begs the requisite one word question:


What is the point of this? On Global tonight one person said it sometimes took 20 min to turn left from Academy to Harrow, and they had no other way to get home. Here’s a suggestion – if it takes you 20 min to make that turn, go and hand in your driver’s license, ’cause you don’t know how to drive.

If it does take that long, then make a left turn a block earlier at Stafford where you have a left arrow, take the first right and a block later voila! You’re on Harrow.

Next complaint – it takes a long time to turn cross Academy when going south on Harrow. I’ll fix that pretty easy for you too. Either  turn right onto Harrow, then make a left at the next block ( I have never waited more than 2 min to make a left turn off Academy anywhere and never more than 30 sec onto Harrow.) take the first left and a block later you are on harrow.

Or if that doesn’t turn your crank, how about going back to Wellington, back to Academy, then take the lights at stafford and follow the instructions for making a left off Harrow.

Not that hard. A traffic light for that?

Oh, but the city officials say that it will be sensor controlled and only activate when there are cars waiting on Harrow.

What does that mean? That cars on Harrow will dictate traffic flow on Academy? That it isn’t tied to the lights at Stafford ? Imagine those lights not being synchronized!

And they won’t sensor activate. They have trotted that out a few times, but it’s a lie.

The lights at Pembina and Waller? Those are the ones that at the police station, and waller doesn’t have lights only a stop sign. So why are they there? for the Police? Ummm…lights and sirens mean right of way, right?

Well those went up because motorists complained that the controlled pedestrian crossing that was there was stopping traffic too often when kids were using it going to and from school. So what’s that like 15 minutes before and after school?

So the city put in lights. ” But they will be sensor controlled – and only activate during school hours”. Right.

Remember that the next time you hit a red light there at 11pm.

So why the lights at Academy and Harrow?

Because traffic services is a self perpetuating bureaucracy. What does that mean? That there is somebody who works for the city that needs to do this to justify their job.


2 thoughts on “Another Freakin Stoplight?

  1. That’s been my single largest complaint about traffic management in Winnipeg.

    Drive a little north and you arrive at Harrow and Corydon. Same same. Use those lights during school hours only and I’ve no issue. But too many times I’m stopped outside of school hours when no cross traffic is present.

    Too many intersection are just like that…

  2. Oi buddy. That’s…another TWO freakin stoplights.

    Both Route 90N and Route 90S at Saskatchewan now are light controlled as of last week. Because traffic didn’t move slow enough already we had to slow it up a little more between Notre Dame and Wellington.

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